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Save after save question



Ok so, i saw on the internet a thing that disturbed me;

Let's say that for example i have a D3 wounding attack that lands and the guo, regular save does fail. At this point:

Do i have to see if the save after save of the guo works (5++) and then take the d 3 damage OR i roll the d3 damage and then (assume 2 damage) i roll separately for each of those (so 2 saves at 5+) ?

Thx for ur time!

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Having played a game this weekend using just this type of situation......

A Great Unclean One in a battle using Rotwater Blight TOW rules......

The GUO gets hit with a D3 damage attack.

GUO makes its' save roll and fails.

The damage is then rolled, let's say 3 damage.

Now, the GUO one rolls  3 dice (3 damage) for his Disgusting Resilience ability. On a 5 or 6, the wound is negated.

After those rolls, the GUO then rolls again for any that the DR ability failed to stop, this time rolling for the Corrupted Stream ability from Rotwater Blight.

On a 6, those wounds are also negated.

So 1 save roll.

Then determine damage.

Then roll for DR ability.

Then roll for CS ability.

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How many save after save can we do? Lets say i have a ghoul king on terrorgheist casting his spell on a ghoul unit. Do i have the 6+ normal save, the 5+ special save from the death faction and the 5+ save from the spell?

There's no limit - if you have a model who manages to pick up a 6+ damage avoidance 'save' from 5 different sources, then they'd get all 5.
NB. This is separate abilities, *not* the same as (say) claiming a DEATH model within 10" of 4 heroes gets 4 Deathless Minions saves.
Check the wording on abilities/spells.

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