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TBS Weekly - Ask Bishmeister - Episode released

Chris Tomlin

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Good morning all,

This weekend I will be interviewing the legendary hobby hero, @Bishmeister, for an episode of The Black Sun Weekly podcast. As part of the episode, Bish has agreed to a Q&A segment. Obviously for this to be successful I will need some good questions to ask the man! This is where you guys (and Twitter) will come in. Anyone with an eye for the hobby will have no doubt seen Bish's work online, so if you've ever wondered how he did a particular thing, or how he might approach something etc, now's your chance to ask!

Please respond in this thread with your questions and we'll try and get through as many as possible on the show, which will most likely be released this coming Monday (20/02/17).

Many thanks in advance,


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Hi Chris, really enjoying the show, has given me hours of entertainment as I walk my son to sleep!

I've been looking through and drooling over some of Bish's project logs and wanted to ask:
In the past you made use of mini dioramas and unit fillers with regiments - some of my favourites being your Ostland force. That being said, how have you found the transition to AoS where multi basing and unit fillers don't seem as appropriate from a gaming and aesthetics point of view (or do they?)

What challenges has AoS presented you in putting together creative models that still work as game pieces but also tell a story? Or have you found the opposite to be true and it opening up more oppertunities?

Many thanks,

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