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Hello from Indiana


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Long time GW fanboy. I was trying to start a Necromunda Campaign only to find my own forum is now gone. I decided to try and solve the problem of local players for myself once and for all. I created 5 subreddits for Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky. I consider them a place for any sort of Gamer in those states to connect in their own subreddit. All 5 subreddits also will be linked to each other to display small events out of state but still within driving distance. 

Now that I had my subreddits, I needed gamers. I started to think back to some of the good forums I used in the past and Garagehammer was one of the first I wanted to look into. It was gone. This is a great looking website and one that I think can be extremely mutually beneficial to my endeavor, but also the content on here can always be linkd directly to reddit. Though producing a 2 way street. 

Like I said this is not limted to any one game. If you have a friend that wants to try and find some Street Fighter 5 training partners or an Overwatch team. That is okay.  MTG, Kings of War, Warmachine, Warhammer fantasy ( of any sort even the best which is 7th edition), Mordheim, Bloodbowl any and all games, or content related to games is welcomed and requested.

I need moderators and members, please let me know if your interested.

Thanks for your time.

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Hey Jace,

I used to play some WFB with you in your garage, (it's Dillon, I had empire). I don't play anymore but lurk and am about to start building some small warbands. It seemed like the WFB crowd died out or went to rarely playing 9th Age once AOS came out. Hero's Emporium is reopening on 96th street soon. Hopefully that'll get some people back into some GW stuff.

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LOL I did not expect anyone I knew to read that. Small world

Yeah I can only get in touch with about 3 or 4 of the old crew.  I was pretty bummed to find out that Circle City Gamers was shut down. After I spend a lot of time and several hundred of my own dollars to build up the user base. Also I tried to buy it off the owner several times when I had some extra cash. He said no and actually was offended. I just thought he  was not using it right and I knew it was gonna die, when it should still be alive and stronger than ever.

If i get my Necomunda Campaign up and running you should check it out. Its a lot fun. I plan to expand into Bloodbowl and Mordheim campaigns as well.


Also if you can sign up to the  subreddit for "IndianaGamers". Maybe throw up some content from a podcast you are listening to or something. This goes for anyone who might read this.







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I do not use Facebook. LOL I did once and the constant stream of old high school people was annoying . I had a really big high school with several siblings. Maybe that is why it was odd for me, but maybe I am just weird. I do not even remember using my real name, I used my gamertag, but some how that did not matter.  I cannot even remember which email it was linked to. 


 Jeff I think might even be around there sometimes I think. 

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