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Hello form an English man in Canada

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Hi all,

I was really excited when I saw the sight that Ben has created, it is good to have somewhere to go to talk about Warhammer again!

Been playing since 4th Edition Fantasy Battles and whilst I am the first to admit that I didn't jump right in to AoS I didn't burn my armies either...
I had faith that GW would get the game where they want it and I started pushing it again about a month ago, just in time for all of the excitement it would seem.

I moved to Calgary, Alberta in 2013 after I left the air force and it has been awesome living on this side of the pond, although I do miss playing more GW games.

I am currently rebasing my Nurgle Daemon army and am running a Path to glory campaign where I have some Slaanesh and Beastmen to paint.  I have a Fully Painted Goblin army that I won Best Orc and Goblin player at the 2011 Throne of Skulls, (I was the only person to beat the overall winner but hit Teclis twice in my last two games and just missed out :()  I doubt I will rebase the Goblins as they were a labor of love and I don't think they will have the same impact on Round Bases.

I also have a bunch of Wood elves that I am on the fence about rebasing as I bought a lot of resin bases for the army and don't know if I can be bothered putting the work in :D

My Empire are still in the UK but I will bring them out at some point, along with all of my books!

It's a pleasure to be here and thanks for reading.




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I am traveling down to Omaha to do some recording at Sparta Games for their grand opening so cant play that weekend.

I work in the Sentry Box on Thursdays so can't make it up to Myth then.

Have you joined the Calgary Warhammer: Age of Sigmar group on Facebook like all of the other cool kids?


Oh and watch my painting stream on Sunday where I am going to try to paint a full Path to Glory Warband in 7 hours...


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