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Went on a slight shopping spree. Need help.


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Hey all,


Quick background, got into AoS after having quit 40k (space marines) around 15 years ago.


As the title says I went on a slight shopping spree (ebay prices so good) and ended up with the following:


General's Handbook

Khorne Bloodbound half of the AoS starter set

Khorne Bloodbound Slaughterstorm

Start Collecting: Khorne Bloodbound

Start Collecting: Slaves to Darkness x2

Slaves to Darkness: Chaos Warriors


Now just the amount of figures will probably keep me from buying anything for the foreseeable future since it'll take me awhile to go assemble and paint all of it.


With that said,

1) What pack should I start assembling first?

2) How do I include the slaves to darkness with the rest of the bloodbound? Should I just stash the slaves first? Can I paint my slaves in the Khorne scheme?

3) Army lists without buying anything additional?



Sorry if it seems like I'm asking a lot. My impulse spending seems to have gotten the better of me.




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If you find its too much and you want to give away the slaves to darkness kits, I am your man!


With that said, I would recommend not building it all in one go. WOrk through chunks, build a load, paint that load. rinse repeat. If you build all of it in one go or a huge amount you may feel overwhelmed, I did this with my khorne when the starter kit first launched and it soured the army for me.

You can totally add in the slaves and paint them entirely in whatever scheme you like. If you want the entire army red, there is nothing stopping you. I believe you can allign them to khorne as well.

I think the korgorath was pretty fun and simple for me to build an paint. The half of the starter set are all monopose so they are pretty quick to put together. I would start there personally before you touch the rest. There are plenty of other  people who painted the starter kits too so there is a huge amount of inspiration out there for you.

You should start a blog here too so people can see your progress, it helps break up the painting and building and gives you motivation to get stuff done.

I also run a small set of threads where we share progress each month, if you wanted to get involved you would be more than welcome :)


As for the army list there will be people here better equipped than me to help you out with that, however I would recommend working out what your battleline units will be and working form there. I have a feeling you will be far over 2000 points with the sheer hordes you have!

Anyway, glad I am not the only one who impulse buys off ebay. Good luck, looking forward to seeing how you get on.

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You're going to have an incredibly solid Battleline. 

Outfitting your Warriors (Chaos/Blood): 

I recommend making sure you do NOT build Chaos Warriors with two single-hand weapons. The Blood Warriors do the Dual-wielding just as good, with a profile more focused on combat, while the Chaos Warriors have the option to take a shield and should (it's come in handy for me, especially against Death Armies). You'll have 25 Blood Warriors and over 30 Chaos Warriors, you could feasibly build versions of all of them (aside from dual-wielding Chaos Warriors, as I mentioned).

Note: You will have enough bits from the Knights and Chariots to potentially build some kit-bashed Chosen, especially since you'll have six extra Warriors (they can only take 10 but come in boxes of 12). Buy the Great Axe bits from GW and bam, cheap chosen instead of expensive resin models. 

The Halberds for the Chaos Warriors definitely give you something that you wont get from Blood Warriors or Blood Reavers with their 2" range. Consider them! And the Greatblade's for regular Chaos Warriors are also pretty dang good as the only other Rend comes from Goreglaive's and Meatripper Axes. 

My suggestion: 

15 Blood Warriors w/ Goreaxe and Gorefist

10 Blood Warriors w/ 2x Goreaxes

10 Chaos Warriors w/ Halberds and Shields

10 Chaos Warriors w/ Hand Weapon and Shields (or more Halberds if you wanna buy them). 

10 Chaos Warriors w/ Greatblades

5 "Chosen" that you can lump in with your Greatblade warriors if an opponent is being finnicky or you don't have the points to field them. 

Order of Building:

Ideally, I'd say make the Starter Box half first. These are the easiest to model, give you some very valuable heroes right off the bat, and get you going with a size-able force. Start painting them right away before you build anything else! 

Next, depending on how you're feeling, I'd recommend getting one of the StD boxed sets going. The Knights and Chariots (either Chariot one) are pretty dang valuable, because Bloodbound lack speed, and these units will make up for it! After that, it's up to you what you want to put together! When you get to the Slaughterstorm box, make sure to build Wrathmongers, but if you really want to make Skullreapers, give them Daemon Weapons and stick them near your Bloodstoker. 

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@Mohojoe thanks for the advice! I think I'll stash the StD for the moment to focus on the Khorne sets so I can set a reasonable timetable for assembly and painting without getting too overwhelmed. I *might* start a blog to follow the progress on my stuff, but only once I'm sort of confident about my work. I haven't painted figures in a long long time so I'm still a bit shy on the matter. Thanks again!

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@Aspirant Snaeper I actually had decided to just stash the StD for a bit so I can focus on the Khorne side of things without being too overwhelmed at all my purchases, but your comments on the lack of speed by the Bloodbound is making me rethink that haha. I'm pretty excited to start assembling my army and the amount of options available to me is pretty overwhelming so much thanks for the advice!

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If you haven't painted in awhile, you might consider starting with some Chaos Warriors from the StD sets actually. They are fairly simple in terms of detail and might provide a good place to start when compared to the Bloodbound models which have quite a bit of detail. 

I'd also recommend watching Duncan Rhodes' videos. His techniques are simple and effective and will help shake off the dust for your painting skills. 

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