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Summoned Tzeentch Wizards and spells

Tom Loyn

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Just a general musing that came up amongst myself and my club mates. 

Does a summoned tzeentch wizard get to know or general a spell from the Lore of Change as per the battle tome?

The wording in the time is different to the wording for allocation of artefacts or traits (which say after the general has been chosen).  It just says 'Each Daemon Wizard in a Tzeentch army knows an additional spell from the Lore of Change.'

Under rules for summoning each wizard it says 'the X (e.g. Herald) is added to your army.'

Seems to be worded that these summoned Daemon Wizards would still know an additional spell as soon as they are part of your army.


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2 hours ago, Thanatos Ares said:

I would say no, my Bonesplitterz (admittedly cannot summon a wizard) but the spell from the lore is chosen when the wizard is selected on my roster. Choosing to summon on said wizard with all of the advantages seems unsporting and without a downside.

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The downside is the chance of failing the summon and the model not being on the table from the start.

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