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Hey, I'm jumping back into fantasy after taking a few years off, I've got two armies from my 8th edition days that I'm currently dusting off; I've got a large force of wanderers, and a few models from what are now the Sylvaneth. I've also got a well-painted tomb kings force with settra and each sphinx; looking to hopefully flesh out my tomb kings by trading some of my 40k and possibly some or all of my wanderers.

But before I go ahead and trade my wanderers I wanted to hear from the community what Wanderers are like to play in AoS. Im quite a ways away from my local gaming club and I very seldom get a game in so I have no reference point for wanderer play style and what my particular models are capable of.

so I've got: - 8 glade riders

- 15 sisters of the thorn/wild riders (these are unassembled)

- 60 glade guard

- 10 eternal guard/wildwood rangers

- a spellweaver, shadow dancer, 5 war dancers, 3 waywatchers

- 1 tree man, 3 tree kin, various dryads and drycha.

Is this a decent army? Am I missing any models that the list really needs in order to shine (I hear the forest dragon is a beast)? Do I lose any effectiveness by allying my Sylvaneth models? Should I just trade for more Tomb Kings?

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Tombkings will most likely be more competative than this army.


Having said that the wood elves certainly have potential. 

I'd certainly build 5 sisters of the thorn. Getting much more isn't all that effective since they are pricey and their spell can only be cast once. On the other hand.. the wild riders aren't very effective for their points either I think.

60 Glade guards is nice.. but probably a bit too much considering the lack of support.. but always good to have. Start with 2x 20 I'd say.

Spellweaver is nice, but the healing spell lacks prime targets in her own army.

Shadowdancer: he's good, good spell you should be able to use him to great tactical advantage

Waywatchers are a cheap battleline unit.. but expensive for a low number of wounds (mortal wounds will kill them.. but they aren't a prime target) I'd use em though.

Wardancers are glass cannons.. but useable if you play them carefully.. with shadowdancers spell they might be good to eliminate warmachines or mages and then suicide but still win on points and board control/tactical position.

Glade riders.. not sure..you don't really have a choice but to use them though.

Drycha (I assume you have the old models considering the context) is just a branchwraith now. Not really useable in this army.

Dryads are most effective in combination with Wyldwoods.. and you don't get those for free... can be considered if you lack melee support.. but not really useable.

Treekin are best with sylvaneth casters near them.. they are also a backup melee support.. but also suboptimal.

Treelords... not sure what to do with them ... I guess they aren't that much worse than in a sylvaneth army (what have you build it as and/or does your group mind you proxying it as any of it's forms?) 


Anyway... I'd just build an army from the aelves you have and try it (spell weaver, shadowdancer, 40 GG, 5 sisters, 3 waywacthers and 5 wardancers looks acceptable)... maybe add the Treelord if you need more points or want something tough. Start with 5 sisters.. maybe 5 wild riders too.. but I think they won't be all that..


one thing: I think you lack a general with a command ability.. getting one of the 3-4 heroe's with a command ability is probably a very good move. Also look into the wanderers formation (waystone wanderers if I'm correct) it also requires a specific hero (one you do not have) if I recall correctly though.


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I never thought I would see someone saying that tomb Kings would be more competitive than "insert army". 

Thanks for the feedback, all-in-all I'm a little disappointed, reading the wanderer war scrolls I really thought they might have some serious potential. 

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Well it's just that the new armies with battletomes overall have a bit more power and synergy. One of the few armies with equal power from the legacy lists is Tombkings.

I do think that except for specific formations the strengh difference is not THAT big and unless you have a very competative opponent running one of the top lists both wanderers and tombkings will be competative enough to have a fun game and winning certainly isn't impossible. You probably do need to get one of those new characters I mentioned though. And the next boxes you buy should probably be 3 kits of EG/WWR since you'll probably want to run EG in 20's or more and a small unit of 10 rangers to kill monsters doesn't hurt either (but they will be a bit to expensive for what they bring against non monster stuff).

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Wanderers are amazing. the ability to do -3 rend with your glade guard will absolutely obliterate things. Take 60 and see how you feel. I've heard mixed reports - that they are incredibly overpowered and that they are a big whiff. Really seems like how the dice went down that day. Against slow melee armies like death and Khorne (about half of competitive players) a bowline like that is going to do wonders.

From what I hear, the first thing you'll want to get to boost your wanderers is a forest dragon. 

Sisters of the thorn set up a super combo; the ability to reflect wounds back as mortal wounds on a 6 is very strong. Add in Mystic Shield and that is 5+, on a Dryad unit greater than 12 models, they are reflecting all wounds back as mortal on a 4+.

Drycha can be a branchwraith or proxy branchwytch, but you'll probably want to get the new model because its great.

The treeman, tree kin & dryads are the start of a Sylvaneth force, the most powerful defensive force and overall one of if not the most competitive force right now. Sylvaneth player took 2nd at LVO. Treeman is genrally the least popular over an Ancient, which is the best general, and Durthu, which is one of the most powerful monsters in the game.

Tomb Kings are also very powerful with Settra and lots of chariots and the Necrosphinx. Undead player made the top 10 with Settra and a ton of chariots.

That being said, they are already boosting the points of tomb kings, and Kurnoth will probably get a point boost in the upcoming generals handbook 2, so none of this is set in stone. 

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Do I need a kosher forest dragon, or sisters for that matter... or is it much more acceptable for me to proxy forest dragons and their riders from high elf minis?


my treeman kit is NiB so I can make w/e.

i red the generals handbook 2.0 thread and noticed the points increase for the tomb kings... sounded like some of their units needed it. Doesn't scare me away from playing them however, I spent a lot of my time in 8th with tomb kings against lizardmen and high elves, quite the uphill affair.

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I couldn't say. TK you probably need like 12 chariots and you cant buy them anymore, plus their models are all getting a points jack. Wanderers seem to not be popular, not sure why since I have heard they are good. I don't know which dragon, maybe just a glade lord on a dragon. Personally I'd proxy because its a 30 year old model. You have some of Sylvaneth stuff, which is one of the only armies with a modern battletome, that also tend to be very strong competitively, so I would go with that, but it will require you to buy a bunch more. If you decide to to that route you could do a mix of sylvaneth/wanderers for now.  Look for some local games and try them both out and see how you feel.

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Yea, from mulling over the scrolls on the app the wanderers have a fair bit of hidden synergy: a unit of stationary eternal guard in a forest accompanied by a unit of sisters of Avelorne is a potent combo if executed properly.

Been looking for local games, but nothing so far. I'm very reluctant to buy anything new at this point however.  

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Yeah. I'm not buying WE atm either (not playing them either... I'mbuying sylveneth and that makes me want to play them). You have a lot of GG though.. you should probably proxy some of them as sisters of the watch (that is their name now) and see if you like them.

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