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Matched FEC advise


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Hey guys

so I'm wanting to run a monster/ghoul patrol list, I just fear that a) I have potentially not kitted out the monsters the best, b) I just don't have enough ghouls.

i have had some great advise for the guys at my local gaming store an just wanted to see if anyone else can give me some advise.



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First off, that's a great looking list. Personally I would however only tweak it a little.


Command Trait:


Yes red fury is good but a GKoT even with his spell isn't that hard to kill. I would take ruler of the Night instead. That way with sensible flight paths all of your monsters have a 5+ ward (with 2 having an extra 5+ from the GKoT spell aswell) (-edit: rule of one, only one will get the extra 5+ from the spell)


Also, the maw attacks are what does the heavy damage (d6 roll being kind that is) with only 3 attacks hitting on 4s that's easy to fluff the rolls. If you can find 100pts (say drop the 20man unit down to 10) then you can take a Ghoul King on foot. His spell gives an extra +1 attack for each melee weapon on the units profile. Taking the Terrorgheists damage up to proper scary!


Also the King on foot can slope around with the infantry units giving them the reroll 1s to hit for being within 15"


Just my thoughts though. Looks solid either way [emoji1360]



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I was thinking about dropping one of the riders an having a solo monster then taking a lone ghoul king but he is incredibly squishy, plus keeping the  the three mounted hero's makes three places of power better for me.

the zombie dragon spell gives re rolls to wound in a bubble of FEC so was gonna have him run near by the red fury terrorghiest just to help increase the chances of those 6's

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