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Hello from Winchester

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Hello #warmongers,

I'm J from the Hampshire Hammerers - a gaming group of around 15 members based in Winchester, Hampshire.

ive been playing Warhammer since 4th edition & absolutely love everything about Age of Sigmar!

We meet monthly at the Railway Inn, Winchester for club nights, as well as travelling all over the county gaming with new & regular opponents as often as we can.

The club was set up to bring wargamers in our area that struggle to get games together, & we feel very lucky that thanks to Ben's fantastic work here that we will be able to reach many more people to play against. We also regularly attend ( and review ) GW's AoS events, and broke our independent scene cherry this year by attending the first AoS South Coast Grand Tournament.

Get in touch, we'd love to give you a game sometime!


@Hampshire Hammerers


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