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Please use the report button.


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Hi all,

I've seen a fair amount of grumblings on here recently and in an effort to keep this a positive place to hang out I want to encourage everyone to use the report button.  

It's there for a reason and you can also leave a comment for the moderators.  The peoprson you report will never know who has reported them, or that they have been reported unless the moderators have to issue a warning.  

No one will get banned over a report saying 'this could be nicer' but if we get repeated reports about the same people then things can be done.

I want these boards to be a fun and inviting place to chat about Age of Sigmar and if a new person sees big news online like  New AoS Points update, heads here to check it out or join the discussion and sees arguing, complaining and general bile it is not very inviting.  

If you have any ideas how to help keep this place fun post them in here.




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