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Wanderers campaign!


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So my club is running a campaign, AoS. Starting army consists of 500 points. House rules:


- the first lord is free worth up to 120 points. Also, any selected lord comes with an extra 2 wounds and a +1 to their save.

- a bodyguard unit must be taken, worth up to 200 points (wildwood rangers cost 180 points and have a 4+ save in this campaign)

- 1 BATTLELINE unit must be taken

- every 3 games you expand your army with another 500 points

- units can be broken down via individual model point cost

so, I've written this list to start my campaign off:


nomad prince

10 wildwood rangers 

15 eternal guard

20 glade guard

my next 500 points will be sisters of the thorn, bulk out my eternal guard to 20 then spend the rest elsewhere.

so, how dies the initial list look guys? Would anyone take anything different?


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