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Howdy Sports Fans

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Hi, I'm new. I like balls and when I say baals I mean Blood Bawls...


Well I played a little Blood Bowl for the last two years, I mostly just fester in my house thinking of the fun times I used to share with friends at Bristol Big Uns before I had children, whatever anyone has told you in the past, gaming kids and marriage do not go together like a house and vampire carriage, THE SONG LIED!!!


I almost got back into Warhammer Fantasy once, then the old world exploded before I had chance to drag myself away from all the skyrim sloots. Mods be gone.

Anyway, let's not be unrealistic here, I'm probably never going to play AoS, I was wholly opposed to it before twitter, but since following some of the well known fantasy 'celebs' on the British tournament circuit and seeing all these fabulous painted miniatures I've decided to but my grudges behind me and come and check out this site.


Also I run a Blood Bowl Tournament that I'm planning on spamming all across your boards so needed an intro, lol just joking. No but seriously I do, Mods be gone! It's on the 24th June https://foulbowl.wordpress.com in Cardiff at FSG, be there or be (we use round bases too) squ....... 

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We've been playing a lot of BB in our group here too. Give AoS a shot, I personally love it. Prefer it to all tabletop games I've played before in fact, and I've played them all (except Battletech I think). I also played WFB from 6e and 40k from 3e.

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I am leaning more towards giving it a go, but I seem to be very lazy and useless at arranging games lol, there are people who play it in the local area. Who knows?

Blood Bowl is easier as I already know the rules and can just turn up to tournaments where all the arrangements are taken care of, I think I'd need to know the rules though to do that with AoS.

Anyway thanks for the encouragement, I'll definitely be lurking around here a bit more.

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