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AoS28 - The Dark Age of Sigmar


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I would agree with Bottle, the work on here is quite amazing! Bruticus' stuff is brutally awesome, and I am a fan of the blanchitsu style of most of the great models showcased in here! 

For the Luminarchate I personally wanted to do something brighter and with a more vibrant palette, but I have also got some other ideas that would fit really nicely in here I believe... One of these is my war band of the Ghurian plains, which I started last year but never finished... I shall post some pictures in here and some bg to give you an idea of what will follow, although the Luminarchate is my priority at the moment, so it might take a bit of time before the ghurians get some attention.

Just a couple of WIPs, bg and painted models will follow (but you can find some of it in my personal blog: http://hagenpinxit.blogspot.co.uk)





wanderer king united.jpg



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All of these are so cool! Can't wait to finish my first AoS28 model. Never really touched Fantasy before beyond a smattering of Lizardmen over a decade ago. The whole grimdarkness definitely appeals to my 40k roots ;)


Hagen, where did you get the chipped stone axe heads from? They're ideal for my Ghurian idea (don't worry, it's quite different to yours!)

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18 minutes ago, Ynneadwraith said:

Hagen, where did you get the chipped stone axe heads from? They're ideal for my Ghurian idea (don't worry, it's quite different to yours!)

They come from the Savage Orcs kit... I thought they would have looked really cool on some human barbaric tribesman but unfortunately most of the weapons in the kit are just insanely big and do not really fit human size hands. I ended up having to cut and file quite a lot of them to make them fit.

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Edit: I don't get why the images are all different sizes please help lol

A tribe of barbarian nomads who worship Khorne and hail from some steppe in the Realm of Metal. My first painted minis in over a decade and my first ever AoS minis. Went for a Frazetta look.

My primary warband for AoS28 is going to be a Witch hunter group, this was merely a test run. I really think I got the Blanchey style down??








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There is so much cool stuff going on in here. As some of you know I have difficulty with AoS probably because I don't really understand it as a setting and how it works but I'm decided to dip my toe in the water. Anyone got any links to good online articles about the nine realms or the AoS setting as a whole? I've read the Lexicanum.

Bruticus - to finally see some Black Sloth Hell Aelves is mighty treat. The horseman has made my jaw hit the ground.

Hagen - Oh my those are some beautiful conversions. The GS work is so smooth. The marble effect on the stormcast is fantastic. I really like the combination of parts on the Luminarchate monk.

Warboss Kurgan - oh its a pirates waaaggghhhh for me. Grand goup and idea.

Curnow - A lovely paintjob on your Khorne Champion

Bottle - Nice WIP! Great to see some humans.....I think this what I find hardest to get my head around in this new setting. Are there lands to farm and cities to protect? Is there basically an Empire in one of the nine realms?  

Double Misfire - I like what you've done to that fireslayer...getting rid of the mohawk and replacing it with candles is a way to improve that whole line.

Fiore - Some cool concepts in your pics. The human and elf parts go together nicely.

Ben - Nice rusty liberator. The DG colour scheme works really well. The more I see other coloured SC the more I think the original gold colour scheme put me off.

Dez - Mecha Skaven :-) I like the helmet swap on the SC, gives it some personality and character. 

Nircomancer - the bearded knight with evil sun shield is topnotch

Epplewhat - the Mechanicus and genestealer parts took me my surprise in here but what a great combination.  The leader at the front is brilliant.

tea wild owl - Oh my that was quick getting the changeling together and painting it that well. I like what you've done to change him and by adding the spirit host.

I'm going to have to have a go at joining in this AoS28 madness...now what to build. At least one thing I've learnt is that whatever the hell I want fits into this setting :-) Plus its a good excuse to leave the 40k universe for a little while.

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Hello all, this is my first real post (well, my second attempt at it after the formatting was a mess)! I've been getting into the AoS Spirit on Twitter (@crimson_oracle) and my blog http://occupyterra.wordpress.com

I'm going to post each of my warbands as I get their background done. The first is a tzeentch arcanite force that I've converted from parts I had lying around. Advanced warning, most of my fantasy stuff is from an old copy of battle masters I pilfered from my dad's storage unit and some 90's chaos kits. I'm actually looking for recommendations on what GW kits and 3rd party bits fit the theme, I'm not too familiar with fantasy kit.


More on these chaps in a bit

It is my intention to build a flushed out setting, in fact one that i may roleplay in with a group in the future. My biggest difficulty in approaching AoS up to now was the scale left me with very little real-world reference points that fuel most of my imagined projects (my intro to Warhammer was playing chaos warbands with a friend, and my next was Mordheim, I'm kind of a low fantasy guy). Anyhow, I'm putting up a first draft here of the territory I'm imagining.

Glyse, Ghyran frontierlands 

I am employing spoiler tags here to prevent wall of text and images:



The region is called Glyse, which is a border territory in Ghyran, ruled from a free city called Novun. Originally an Aelf settlement, the free people erected a stone castle adjacent to the elegant wood structures, and it serves as both a stronghold in times of strife and a hub for commerce and tradecraft. Novun is a dreary and provincial place. The blacksmiths make excellent horseshoes, but their armor work is fairly crude and their arms unimpressive. The Fletcher's are talented, however, with elvish arrows in ready supply for the many hunting parties that enter the forests and wastes that border the territory.


The City is a small keep surrounded by bustling markets and shops


The architecture I envision is closer to this than classic castle designs, but I’m still brainstorming


The keep itself is well defended, and regional strongholds serve as refuge for the farmers who are too far for regular patrols to reach

It is a time of building, a time of growth. The realmgate wars were won and men retook the lands. The vast landscape surrounding the free cities was settled by throngs of refugees seeking a new life. In these verdant lands, agriculture took hold as chaos receded. In this new birth of life, order took hold, modeled on the tradition of Sigmar. Feudal rule organized the throngs and helped instill martial prowess in this new frontier. 


The lands close to Hammerhall may be blossoming, but the forces of chaos have not left these lands, they have only been pushed back.

The great houses hold territory nearest the cities, and the cities increase in size as they get closer to Hammerhall, where the land has been reclaimed longest, while the lesser houses work the rougher soil of recently reclaimed lands. Their borders are met with immense dense forests that take years to clear and which shelter numerous tribes of nomadic raiders, and even occasional tribes of greenskins. The area has been fairly tranquil for the past year, and harvests have been good, upwardly mobile young knights, eager to prove their mettle, organize tournaments. Preachers take up collections and give sermons in the streets outside tournaments. The increase in travel and commerce draws the attention of gangs of fanatical witch hunters, traveling under cover and searching for signs of corruption. 


The religious zeal can turn good men into a mob, and some even abandon their old lives to serve the faith of Sigmar.



The Arcane Brotherhood of Brayton Witchblood

Again, spoiler tag employed for everyone’s sake



Sorcerer Lord Brayton Witchblood, born Darius Brayton, was once the first son of a minor noble household. He was trained as a knight from a boy, serving as a squire for a distant family member. While he excelled at the martial aspects of nobility, he was distant and distracted in lessons and had frequent outbursts and nightmares. He was, unbeknownst to all his kin, showing the first signs of the gift of magick. As he came of age, a servant in his knight's household began to teach him how to hide his gift and use it.


One of Brayton’s attendants, I plan to get a pack and books for him to carry for his master

As he came of age, Brayton took up his father's heraldry and set out to prove himself. He entered the tournament circuit and began to compete, straining the resources of their household. Performing far above his station, Brayton's success drew attention, and in the city of Novun, his string of victories came to an end. As he rode to joust his opponent, he pushed with his mind to throw his opponent off balance, but his spell did nothing. The next thing he knew, he was face up in the mud. 



The opposing knight removed his helm, and called down to Brayton "Witch! Now you burn!" The man lunged, a jeweled dagger in his palm, aiming the ensorcelled blade at Brayton's heart. Reacting, Brayton attempted to deflect the blow, but the blade pierced his arm and his blood burst into flame on contact. The last thing Brayton remembered was grabbing the reins of his mount as it fled, trying desperately to extinguish the flames consuming his arm. When he awoke, he was in anew camp, and his attendants surrounded him, and the smell of charred flesh filled the air. Where once was an arm, a charred stump ended abruptly just past the shoulder.


This Reaper thing will serve as a familiar

Over the course of the next few days, Brayton learned to compensate for his new limitation, finding his spellcraft a sufficient tool to enable him to ride, but his martial abilities suffered badly. He became obsessed with the flames, consumed by visions of fire, pink, blue, cleansing. He took these visions as a sign and began to stalk the forests, searching for a prophet in the wilderness.


Moonfaced Tzaangor is a really fun WIP


I had already built and begun painting the Silver Tower Tzaangors, and I had a lot of tzeentch bits from my daemon army, so I decided the tzaangors I start with will all be kitbashed gors.

One day, his party spotted a herd of beastmen making camp. Malformed even for bray folk, the creatures had feathers, strange mutations and some, bird like features. They struck out against the braykin, killing all but 2. They forced the other two to lead them to their shaman. Kee'rut, flamesight, chosen of tzeentch, invited the knight into his hut and they began to speak. Under the fell creature's tutelage, Brayton took Tzeentch as his patron, and sought to prove his worth to his new god. Taking his party on a raid, he slew a hunting party with a sorcerous flame, and was rewarded for his cleverness with two new appendages to replace his lost limb.


Kee’rut, I feel like I may want to ditch his current cape and sculpt a new one…

This is where we find him, restored to his combat prowess and leading his remaining attendants, baptized as his karic acolyte guard after a horrific sacrificial ceremony. Kee'rut and his Guard of tzaangors follow in their stead. Brayton has decided to push deeper into the forrests, seeking the secrets of the chaotic wastes beyond.




Meanwhile, the inheritor of his title, distraught at the dishonor of their former master's corruption,  swears an oath to hunt down his kin and end his dishonor, restoring their house's name. Mustering soldiers in force, he has a gryph hound tracking Witchblood's trail.


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4 hours ago, Grand Exemplar said:

And so the warband begins. I've taken colour inspiration from Darksouls. It is only one miniature so far. But it won't take long to get the others painted. 

I hope to build a Fatemaster soon. I hate the old model so plans are being drafted so to speak. 


The tzaangor looks so good with dark and muted colours

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My opening salvo on AOS28 and the legacy of INQ28 and Blanchitsu. 


My modelling might not quite keep up with some of the amazing work here so far but I am hoping to drop some of the creativity buzzing round in my head onto the page.

INQ28 and the gritty darkness of the future has always inspired my writting and now I feel the same enthusiasm for AOS28.


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WIP on Gulug's Boyz. Lots more converting to do but just gathering for the moment. Going to darken down the paint scheme as well which will be a departure for me:

Gulug stepped up to stand on the low hill that overlooked the Fenrich Swamp. The sickly sweet smell of decay wafted up to greet him. Not the putrid rankness of Nurgle filth, but the natural odour of stagnant water and rotting matter.

There was something else. A tingle that crept down the spine of every one of his small band. They tasted the air, straightening up after their long march and throwing off all weariness. It was the unmistakable touch of the Waaagh!

'Gork,' growled Gulug.

'And Mork,' replied Crag amidst his cackles.

'It seems like you were right Shamen,' said Gulug, his tongue flicking out to greet the essence in the sky.

'Yes,' said Crag. A crackle of green energy rattled through his staff. 'The gate will be guarded.'

Gulug smiled crookedly, stroking the neck of his pet snotling. 'At last. Bring em on!'


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@PDH Really excited to have you taking part. I've been a big fan of your INQ28 stuff for years!

They certainly do have lots of interesting places where normal humans live now, thanks to the Summer Campaign. The best place to read about the different cities is in the App, if you go to Books > Gaming Aids and select the Season of War pack (it's free).

In it you'll find out about the cities of Hammerhal, Excelsis, Vindicarum, the Living City, Greywater Fastness and the Phoenicium. I have heard good things about the new novel, City of Secrets too, which is set in Excelsis and is about a Witch Hunter unearthing a Tzeentch Cult!


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This is right up my street. I've dabbled in Inq28 since I got back into the hobby a year or so ago, and I've been waiting for the same sort of thing to happen for AoS - I don't really do armies, more characters and stories. Here's my first attempt at something for The Dark Age of Sigmar.

Ever since his wife died,  Malur Grimshade has travelled the realms in search of the Chalice of Resurrection, the only thing capable of returning her to him. Many things have changed since he set out centuries ago - his retainers have lost the very flesh from their bones, and he has been altered from a mortal man to a creature of darkness and hunger. His quest consumes him still and may forever, the shade of his wife forever driving him on in guilt, madness and bloodlust.


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Well, I guess I'll take a chance and make the plunge since I've always wanted to do something like this. :)

Above you have a WiP of a nurgle champion for the AoS28 project. It will be majorly story driven since I don't really play any of the tabletop games (Both for a lack of time and other players), but story has always been more interesting to me.

I've also started a blog (Only one post at the moment...), so feel free to look around from time to time :)


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