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Greetings from Long Island

Gorks Pokin' Finger

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Hail brothers in arms

My name is John from Long Island. I have been a wargamer for 15 years now. I started with a  Fantasy 6th Edition as Orcs and Goblins and eventually Dwarfs around the End Times. While I was sad to see the Old World burn, I am delighted to have witnessed Warhammer's rebirth over the past year and a half with Age of Sigmar. I am more of a narrative player with a competitive drive but always enjoy having fun no matter the match. I have a Dispossessed and an Ironjawz army currently being worked on.

The Long Island Warhammer scene is healthy with both AOS and 40k well supported. Back in December, a Warhammer store opened up. Our facebook group, Long Island Age of Sigmar, has helped us organize matches not only at the GW store but at other hobby stores around LI. We now have games each week and are currently organizing our first tournaments in the next two months.

I am looking forward to contributing to the community and enjoying our wonderful hobby together.


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