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Hello from Boise, ID


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Howdy from Boise, Idaho.  I saw this forum being advertised on the Age of Sigmar subreddit.  I have been a wargamer for about 10 years, mostly 40k.  I was an avid Ork player, and active member of the forum the Waaaagh.  Orks had a tough go in recent rules (in my opinion).  In addition, the ongoing cost with formations, power gaming, and the like, led me to AoS.  There now is a small contingent of friends who play regularly here.  I have a burgeoning chaos army, along with a small "counts as" ogre army.  I have included both below (dakka dakka forum pages).  Thanks for the cool new site, cant wait to get stuff posted!  Seeing how outdated my dakka dakka posts are, I realize i need to be taking more pictures!  


O.G.R.E. Army Forum Post

Chaos AoS Forum Post

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