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Starting Wanderers, need advice.


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So I was at my FLGS this weekend and had the great idea to pick up an approximately 2k point Wanderers army and immediately play a game. Even though I lost I had a blast playing with them. However I noticed overall they don't seem to have much of a punch (other than Glade Guard getting that -3 rend once per game). 

Im looking into adding some ranged artillery, and I'd like to keep it in the aelf family if possible. Eventually I'm wanting to run pure Wanderers (still hoping for a release for them).

Here is what I have:

Nomad Prince

Spellweaver x2





Glade Guard x30

Glade Guard x30

Eternal Guard x20

Wildwood Rangers x10

Sisters of the Thorn x5

I know I'll need another unit of Sisters or Wildriders to use the formation for them. 

I noticed Sisters of the Watch get a form of overwatch, but only on a successful charge, is that really worth it for this army and how expensive they are?

It seems like using the formation is the way to go as this appears to be an "alpha strike" army. I'm still unfamiliar with AoS formations so would I be able to add in artillery on top of that formation?

Keep in mind my only other AoS army I have played is Khorne Bloodbound, AKA charge everything and spill as much blood as possible. So the concept of running around and shooting is a bit foreign to me in AoS right now.

Thanks for the help!

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I don't play wanderers but a friend does against me a lot.  Focusing your missile attacks will be key.  With that much shooting you should be able to bring down lots of other units as long as you keep it focused one-two at a time.

That faction currently does not have much that is great a melee, but the eternal guard can hold an objective really well with the Sister of Thorn spell and a mystic shield. It will be hard for other armies to get them out of there.

If you don't mind dark aleves the War Hydra is pretty punchy and regenerates, or maybe the frost phoenix.

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Hi mate, I play wanderers. And I can highly say that sisters of the watch are fantastic. They cause so much damage if you don't move them and have a nomad prince close by for his command ability. They are pretty much married to eternal guard so have your sisters shadow them about the board.

my most recent game was against sylvaneth. I had 20 eternal guard gave off against spirit of durthu and 20 dryads. The dryads died very quickly and then durthu a few turns later was wiped off. Shield of thorns and mystic shield make your EG very lethal, as your 6+ Save That return a mortal wound back to the enemy can be brought down to a 4+ thanks to shield of thorns and mystic shield. It was unreal.

wildwood rangers are amazing too. They are quite punchy, even if they are not hunting monsters. From a unit of 10 you get 21 attacks, 3+3+ -1 rend and 1 damage (D3 for monsters). Although they are costly and have a shit save, they are best served in units of 10.

finaly, another amazing tool in our arsenal is FOREST DRAGON!!!! It's amazing. Plonk him right next to your eternal guard if they need help then you and your other units get to swing first thanks to the dragons breath. 

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I would probably swap out 5 or 10 from each of the Glade Guard Units to stick in that Eternal Guard unit. They are a fantastic roadblock, but definately work better at 20+, give yourself a casualty buffer. 2 lots of 20 Glade Guard will still delete a couple of units with there bodkins.

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