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Tzeentch 2000p Carnival of Lights (tournament list)

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Hi guys, built the list I'm planning to bring to a tournament in may. I've got quite a few Slaves to Darkness models but after trying to fit all my new stuff in along with those old models I realized there wasn't much StD left... so in the end it became an Arcanite/Daemon list.

With SEVEN wizards (including the Pink Horrors) I'm going to be slinging spells left and right and fuelling some mortal wound output from the Tzaangor. The Skyfires and Shaman will hang back and shoot key units while the Pink Horrors and Tzaangor advance up front, taking objectives and being in the way, and the Enlightened and quite fighty Lord of Change deliver the follow-up punch to take stuff out. While all this is going on my wizards are lighting up the battlefield like it's Mardi Gras.

What do you guys think? Anything you would change? Too few bodies and too fragile?

Lord Of Change (300)
- General
- Trait: Incorporeal Form - Tzeentch Daemon Hero
- Artefact: Phantasmal Weapons
Ogroid Thaumaturge (160)
Tzaangor Shaman (120)
Chaos Sorcerer Lord (140)
- Runestaff
Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch (120)

10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (140)
10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (140)
20 x Tzaangors (360)

3 x Tzaangor Skyfires (160)
3 x Tzaangor Skyfires (160)
3 x Tzaangor Enlightened (160)

Tzaangor Coven (40)

Total: 2000/2000

Edited by Nevvermore

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