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Crucible Orlando 2017 - LOOKING FOR TEAMMATE


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First off, apologies if this is the wrong forum for this, but after going through everything, this seemed the most appropriate given that I'm not actually advertising an event, but rather looking for a teammate.

That said, I am looking for a teammate for the Team Tournament at the Crucible this year on Sunday, April 2nd.  I thought I had one, but he just started a new job that's going to require him to work weekends, so obviously that fell through,

Anyone going to the event who doesn't have a teammate, please reach out to me.  Anyone who was thinking about going, but didn't have a teammate - also reach out to me.

I can play literally any Grand Alliance, so just let me know what you have and I'll get me 1000 points painted up and ready for it.

Thanks for reading.

 - Chris

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