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Who suffers who flourishes? 1200pt tournament

Wolden Spoons

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Hello fellow AOSers.

My FLGS are running their first tournament next month and I am arranging the details, although yes I will be entering.

I shall be posting this in each Grand Alliance for advice as well but please feel free to chip in anywhere.

It will be a 3 game tournament using the General's Handbook. I was looking at 1200 points as it just gives enough wiggle room for toys. Obviously this changes the requirements to the middle level and 3 battlelines. The chosen missions being the first one, flag on each side, border wars and places of power.

My question really being is there anything in faction that would be too badly hampered or anything that would be too badly boosted? Thanks for your help!

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I think it's fair to say that there will be enough disruption by the points total that it could be interesting enough to do and see how things shake out. 

I like the idea of having irregular points caps to force players into switching things up, and Age of Sigmar makes that fairly easy given the fixed points costs of all the units. 

I believe the results will also be dependent on table size. Larger tables might continue to cater to fast/ranged armies, but a 4x4 table could keep footsloggers in the mix. 

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