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Hello from Pittsburgh!


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Hi, I'm HeadHunter.  Long-time player of 40K since Rogue Trader, never had much interest in Fantasy until AoS came out.  I like the style of play a lot better and the simplicity of the rule structure.  Still, I held out until I discovered our local Warhammer store and saw the Icewind Assault box on the shelf.  Looked too awesome to pass it up.  It's yet to be assembled but in the meantime I am learning the rules, reading articles about army building and tactics, etc.

If/when I get these guys done, I may look into Dwarves as they are generally my preferred race in any game I can choose them.  

I look forward to discussing the game, learning from all of you and hopefully, eventually sharing pictures of my finished models (I'm not too bad a painter, actually...)

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