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Balewind vortex

James Ramsay



Another question if you don't mind me picking your brains.

Can a monster go on the balewind vortex? I know they cannot summon them - but say the caster on top dies or is somehow removed from it. I don't see anything in the rules saying the balewind is removed? Is there any concensious in how this is played at events? 

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The rules aren't that a monster can't stand on it, just that they can't summon it. There's no precedent or indication that summoned stuff disappears when the caster dies. Go for it.


It's effectively impassable terrain while a wizard is on it.

If the vortex was intended to disappear once the Wizard was dead, specifying that you can't move near it while he's alive is a really odd caveat to have. Unless they're worried about offending daemons/necromancers.


Exactly how do you climb onto a platform floating 20m up?


Ask your opponent.

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