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Hi all, just wanted to ask something I'm struggling to find an answer to:

Are there any commands/abilities in the Order faction warscrolls that affect units with the Order keyword?

The new Orruk character has a command ability that affects Destruction, and I believe there are characters that can affect Death and Chaos keyword units in their books, but I can't find any examples in the Order book. Am I being blind?

The reason for asking is that I'm looking for synergies between Seraphon and Stormcast to help my planned allied force mesh together on the table, so any suggestions are gratefully received. ?



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Thanks guys, that's exactly what I was hoping for. 

Ive got a luminark, so that could prove useful. The Azyros I had spotted, but had only considered its effect on obvious missile troops like skinks - will definitely check out the bastilodon now.

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If we go 'keyword agnostic' in Order then we have a pretty good list of abilities: 

Gryph Hounds- Warning Cry

Knight Azyros- Illuminator of the lost

Protectors- Storm shield

Battlemage- Lifebloom, Wildform, Light of Battle

Celestial Hurricanum- portents of battle

Luminark of Hysh- Aura of protection

Beastmaster on Manticore- Spiteful dominance (keyword- MONSTER)

Archmage- shield of Saphery

Archmage on dragon- drain magic

Alarielle- boon of life

Loremaster of Hoeth- hand of glory

Lord Kroak- impeccable foresight

Skink starseer- curse of fates/cosmic herald

Stardrakes- arcane lineage (keyword- WIZARD)

Volkmar the grim- battle prayers

Sisters of the thorn- shield of thorns

So as an order player you do have access to a substantial number of buffs that can be applied across the faction. Of greatest benefit I feel are the re-roll abilities from the seraphon, and the really abusable ones like shield of thorns, where other faction specific abilities will really boost the effectiveness. 

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