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Hello everyone,

I am painting a little OrderDraconis force. Nothing fancy, 2 units of Dragon Blades, 1 Dragon Noble and as a central piece a Dragon Lord. 

With my limited painting skills I chose a nice and simple color scheme for my Dragon Blades. (See pic)

Now my question is, how do I paint my Dragon Lord (Dragon and Lord) since it will be a central piece, I don't want to ****** that up so I am fishing for advice (see 2nd pic).

I am thinking to paint the Lord in Gold armour  with white and red for draps and robes and tissues pieces (sorry for my english)

But  for the Dragon I am more stuck, Do I paint the armour red ? Gold ? Do I choose a Red Dragon ? but I am not too keen on that color scheme because I'd like to keep it for my Carmine dragon. 

How do I paint the belly and the fragile part of the wings ? 

Last question, how do I proceed ? Drybrush ? (Like the Dracoth painted by Duncan on Warhammer TV) ? Or regular technic, (thin) layers of paint, wash, drybrush/highlight, edgehighlight ? 

Thanks a lot for your help and advice



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The easiest way to paint a challenging model, especially one of a type you've never painted before is to find a decent guide. As GW doesn't have a how to guide for the Dragon Lord you're probably on the right track lifting everything you can from Duncan's Dracoth video. Drybrushing will be a lot quicker than highlighting individual scales, but it's up to you what you feel most confident doing.

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