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Help with mixed order


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Greetings. I have just started a mixed order army. Got the idea when I found some High elves and Empire at home. I want a grand alliance with humans, aelfs and duardin. Mostly humans with a splash of aelfs and duardin (I like to think of them as "rare"). Any suggestions? Great units, synergies etc? Thank you. 

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Ironbreakers have good synergy with  Sisters of the Thorn and mystic shield. With those two spells they go to a 3+, rerolling all saves, inflicting mortal wounds on a 5+ to save, and ignoring rends of -1. Also, if you bring a unit of Longbeards then you can make Dispossessed heroes able to use command abilities even when they arent the general. So your duardin can function without losing any of their normal synergy even if they are just a small piece of your army. Unfortunately they wont have any abilities that help non-dispossessed units.

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It tends to be a theme that the army Elites tend to have more self sufficient abilities Phoenix gaurd:"Ward" save, Iron Breakers: Gromril armor, Wyldwood rangers: D3 damage to monsters to name a few.

While basic units require alot of synergy to get them up to a decent level alot of the time. perhaps stormcast judicators and liberators as they function well enough in small units and do sdont require massed unit bonus's?

So i would pick the best order battleline unit you can and satisfy that requirement. 

After that i would take your pick of elite units along with any heros that effect Order as a general (Celestial Hurricanum, E Warpriest) And/or pick a general with non synergized abilites and then gain a little synergy back with the order alliance abilities and artifacts.

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Thank you for the replies. Here is a list of the miniatures I have:

1 x Lord castellant with Gryph hound

1 x Excelsior Warpriest with Gryph hound

1 x HE mage

1 x HE lord on Griffon 

10 x HE Sea guard

10 x HE Reavers 

10 x HE White lions 

20 x Dwarf Ironbreakers 

1 x Dwarf Gyrocopter 

1 x Empire general

10 x Empire handgunners 

20 x Empire Halberdiers 

3 x Empire Demigryph knights

1 x Celestial hurricanum 

1 x Helblaster volley gun

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For 1500 points

At a glance. Based on whats there and trying to incorporate a mixed theme i would go for:


1 x Empire general - General - Your battlelines will what need buffing so id take the one guy that will do that

1 x Celestial hurricanum  - Good MW output and its buffs effect order as a whole. Plus another mage.

1 x Excelsior Warpriest - Cheap. Synergizes with order as a whole. Dispossable

1 x He Mage - Does have any synergized spells which hopefully means its point cost is accounted for without help. A second wizard is always good.


Battleline: You dont really have any say in this as these are your only standard battleline units currently. But hopefully with the help of the general and the order synergy above they should shape up just fine.

10 x Empire handgunners 

10 x Empire Halberdiers

10 x Empire Halberdiers 


Non role: Ive made this choice based on versatility, costing and no need for synergy but really you could swap this bit round with the other Elites you have

20 x Dwarf Ironbreakers - These guys are an island they are durable, Independent and dont need fielded on mass (So perhaps consider fielding 2 units depending on the secnario) and they dont hit to badly either.

10x HE Reavers - Give you some speed and perhaps when the time is right use them to rush the enemy and pin them at range for your volley gun.




Hellblaster volley gun - So have quite a varied mix. I feel that with the ironbreakers defending, the Reavers pinning and the humies plugging the gaps this thing should be able just to sit and do what it does best.


There you go. This comes in at 1480


Obviously you could always make improvements with other models. But all in all i would be quite interested to play against that combo.




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4 hours ago, Amradiel said:

If you play Longbeards and Ironbreakers, should the Longbeards be equipped with great weapons? 


I am not really sure why you would take those two units together. The longbeards are a utility unit. You pick them when you want to reroll 1s to wound, not flee on a 5+, or use command abilities. If you want a defensive unit, then you spend 20pts more and take ironbreakers which ignore rend of -1 and can have the ignore spells banner instead of battleshock banner. If you want a battleline unit you take warriors which are 40pts cheaper (or go out of faction for even cheaper battleline). The other reason to take them is to fill out a formation, but i doubt that you would be doing that here.

That being said, mathematically it doesnt really matter. You should get 1 more attack that needs to be saved with the handweapon, but if the enemy has a save of 5+ or better then the rend from the great weapon does better, and in that case i would say, take the great weapon because more than likely your foes will have an armor save. (Also to note, while you may or may not feel comfortable with it, the wording of the Longbeards Gromrill Shields ability does not actually require they be equipped with shields to make a shieldwall so you dont technically give up any defensive ability even if you dont want to model them with great weapons AND shields)

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