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Hi from Plymouth & Newbury UK


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Hi my name is Steve and I currently live in Plymouth and Newbury.

I play Clan Skryre Skaven and also have a Tzeentch Slaves army that I am working on.

I have only just got into AoS as I was a massive fan of 8th edition fantasy (I have never once slated AoS, especially on social media) and its taken me a while to get my head round it all. Thanks to the fantastic gaming group I have in Plymouth they have eased me in nicely and now I already planning my 3rd, 4th, 5th etc army. I am also a very keen 40k player but not competitive as I prefer to play more fluffier lists than filth.

I'm really looking forward to the future of AoS as fantasy settings have always appealed more that sci-fi (LotR over Star Wars any day), so now there is a game that really ticks that box makes me happy!

Finally I'm struggling to get games in the Newbury area and I don't have a car but if anyone can point me in the direction to get some games I'd really appreciate it.


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Hi James,

The gaming group I have down in Plymouth are more of a group of friends who play at each others houses than an actual club. I could recommend the GW in Plymouth, they currently have an AoS store campaign going on with some pretty cool guys playing in it, also the AoS scene is pretty good with some of my good friends leading the charge.

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