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Forum Changes - News, Narrative and more.


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I've just made a few changes to the forum structure.  

Narrative play section.  

This was previously the Realmgate Wars Section.  It has less than 3% of the posts that the General AoS section has.  The threads are still there are can still be updated, but going forwards the section will be for Narrative and Open play discussions.  

Grand Alliance Forum Sections

I recently ran a poll to gauge interest in opening a separate army list section.  This has some legs, but there are still a few options I would like to see before going down that route as I am 100% against it and think is is bad for overall forum bigger picture.  

The poll was heavy in favour of new sections, but the comments also led me to believe that all is not as it seems with that (attitudes of 'vote for this so we can also have xxx') 

I have changed the titles of each section to make it clear that they are for discussion of everything related the the Grand Alliances including army lists, tactics and anything you want to post.  

Its a great place for  'Army Evolution' threads that include modelling and painting, battle reports, lists and tactics all in one thread.  

On the subject of battle reports, I've removed the realm gate wars section as it was hardly used.  In future please post battle reports in the relevant Grand Alliance section or in the narrative section if its a campaign.  

If you currently have an active thread in the Realmgate Wars section you can continue to update it in there if it suits the Narrative section or contact a moderator to get it moved (Use the report post button and leave a note) 

Gaming Clubs.

I've had a few requests for gaming club sections.  This is great and I would love to see more.  If you are a club/group/store and have a gaming group then feel free to contact me for your own forum section.  You can use this as your main home, of just have a few holding posts in there so new members can find you and update it every month or so to let people know you are still going.  

There are a few groups that asked for sections then never used them, or posted once and never posted again.  These will be deleted to keep the section tidy and up to date.  I don't want it to be an archive of clubs that once existed, but a was to find active communities.  

Te final few bits of news are 2 Bad Dice/Grand Alliance event that I have coming up.

The first is Alliance.  This is a one day event in derby on March 12th

the other is The Grand Alliance 6 Nations event.  This is running in Derby on 16/17/18th June

More details of this one can be found at the AoS 6 Nations section and at the moment it is still a work in progress even but the venue and dates are booked in.  



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