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Wolves of Ghur and many other AOS projects - 1st Post updated to contents page

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So i've edited this from a purely Wolves of Ghur PLOG (although i strayed from that quite early on) into a PLOG for all of my various AOS armies and related projects past and present and I want to keep this first post as contents section with links to the various armies:


Wolves of Ghur (Khorne Bloodbound) - Pages 1 -3 (ongoing)


Duardin - Page 1 (complete)



Sylvaneth Page 2 (complete)




Beastmen (Brayherd, Warherd, Daemons, Monsters of Chaos)   Page 3 (complete...for now)


Ogors and Gargants Page 3 (complete)



Edited by Bueno
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Hi All,


I had meant to get this set up before starting this project but never seemed to have the time, i've got around 1k painted so far though so i'm starting it earlier than i usual though as i always seem to get these plogs set up after the entire army is finished.


This plog is for my current project, The Wolfs of Ghur. It's one of many unfinished projects I have from 8th ed and with the release of the Bloodbound it seemed to fit the army far better than it every did WOC. The theme is basically a tribe of barbarians living in the mountains of Ghur, they were once devotees of Ulric but with the coming of Chaos into the mortal realms they were tricked into following the Blood Wolf AKA Khorne, though there actual understanding of Chaos and Khorne himself is very limited, they are actually under the impression that they are on the "right" side.


There's quite a long peice of fluff below that I wrote for them for anyone interested in that part of the hobby.

Start of the Age of Chaos...




War. It was something that Arf Ulricson had never thought to see in his life time. For time unremembered his people had lived a peaceful existence in the shadow of the looming Mount Fauschlang. His father had once told him a story of battle with the ferocious Greenskins that littered the plains of Ghur, but it had been a lifetime since they ventured this far north and braved the Everwinter. His people had lived uneventful lives, hunting the wild beasts of the mount and quietly giving praise to Ulric, ruler of winter, the wolf God.


Now war had come and the wolf clan would put their skills as hunters and beast masters to a new purpose, helping their God’s ancient ally, Sigmar. It was said that Ulric and Sigmar had been warrior kin in some long, now all but forgotten pantheon of Gods and whilst the worship of Ulric had seemingly been reduced to their single clan, Sigmar had a great following throughout every realm and was said even to work among the people still. Arf had never in his lifetime heard the voice of his god Ulric but he was confident in this, Ulric would have his people aid Sigmar in this war against the usurper Gods.




Centuries Pass...


Betrayal. Even now, after days had passed Rein Ulricson seethed with anger. He sat in his hut deep in contemplation, going over and over what he had been unable to comprehend how his people had been so utterly betrayed.


The Clan had made war against the chaos followers for as long as anyone still living could remember it was said there had once been a time of peace where his clan were mighty hunters and made great sport of the beasts of the mountains praising Ulric, but those days had gone with the summons of Sigmar. He had stirred the Wolf Clan to war in his name as the “ally” of the White Wolf.


They had fought at the last stand of the Wolf Gate, in the very of the shadows cast by Mount Fauschlang . Their resolve determined not to allow the Warbands of men that had faltered and turned to the Chaos Gods to reach the portal that would lead them directly Sigmar’s realm, Azyr. They waited for help to come from, for the Wolf Gate’s gaping maw to poor forth the armies of the heavens to crush the oncoming horde. They waited and they bled. They bled and died until the snow littered ground ran red. Sigmar, the so called God King had turned his back on them, on all the Realms. Their blood had been good enough to flow alongside him but not to be saved by his might even as they fought to keep his kingdom from intrusion.


Rein had no choice, he had had to surrender, with fully three quarters of his warriors dead or dying, outnumbered one hundred to one even the mighty Warriors of the Wolf, as they had become known, stood no chance. To surrender was not the way of the wolf, but as the headsmen he had a duty to protect his clan and ensure the survival of his pack.


Truth be told even in surrendering he had expected little mercy, but the Warbands they fought carried banners of feather and wing rather than the skull totems the blood warriors branded, and that meant there was  a chance, no matter how slim his clan may live to see another moon.


Even from the bird worshippers Rein had not expected to be treated as they were, his warriors confined but unharmed whilst he himself was presented to their chieftain as a Clan leader of regard rather than as a mere captive.


He had been taken aback to witness the chieftain for the first time, a giant of man resplendent in a cloak of pure white feathers, the snow seemed to fall around him as if somehow repelled from touching his form. Brilliant sapphire eyes stared out from his lean features capturing the gaze of all in attendance.There was something avian in his movements, smooth and graceful but not quite normal for a mortal man. Those eyes reminded Rein of an  experience he had had many years ago during the proving ceremony that marked him as the next Ulricson, leader of the clan. As part of the ritual ceremony he was to imbibe the smoke of the Lupus flower, a rare plant known only to grow at the very highest peak of Mount Fauschlang, somehow sprouting among the heavy snowfall. The flowers fumes were said to allow you to speak with Ulric himself and receive his wisdom to guide the clan through the Everwinter. He himself had not heard Ulric, but had seen the White Wolf. He had looked down from the snow covered peaks and seen its majectic form stalking through the mountains valleys after some unseen prey. Then abruptly it stopped and looked up directly towards Rein. It had let out a ghostly howl that Rein may have taken as a warnin, though he could not fathom of what, and started bounding up the mountain slopes. As it ran the snow fall got heavier and heavier. Then the snow that came down started to turn red as it mixed with tears of blood falling from the heavens. By the time the wolf had reached its immaculate white coat had turned a blood red and it stared directly into his eyes piercing his very soul before it lunged to rip out his throat. He had awoken in terror and confusion, but never had he confided this terrible vision to anyone as it was forbidden to share what Ulric had deigned to show his Ulircson.


Now as he stared into the eyes of the Bird gods Chieftain he felt that same penetration of his very being and in the same form of vision was shown the history of a long forgotten in a realm unknown beyond his fathom.


He saw the “God King” Sigmar, but not as a God , just a man, no not “just” a man but a devout mortal follower of Ulric. Sigmar had been but one of many chieftains but called on the power of the Wolf God to unite all the clans in his name in a bid to secure mans place in the Realm, or at least that is the purpose he had feigned. Once he had brought all the kingdoms of men under his rule he still sought for more. He usurped the power of Ulric and took his place on the ancient pantheon, leaving Ulric's noble followers little more than a shield for his foes to break on whilst the rest of his realm prospered. He had been no brother to Ulric as Rein had been brought up to believe in his clans long years of war; he had used the White Wolf to gain his own power and then left mighty Ulric to be forgotten, much as he had forgotten Rein’s clan in his haste to cower in Azyr.




Rein had been left reeling. A myriad of questions and emotions about to explode from his skull as he digested the history of a world in a matter of moments. He was forced to regain control quickly as  the great Chieftain had not kept Rein and his people alive simply to unveil this betrayal as a final insult before death; he had meant this as an offer for salvation. An aspect of his God remained alive, Kharnath, the Bloodwolf, Wolf-Father was among the pantheon of new gods that had come to challenge Sigmar now as he basked in the adoration of his stolen followers.


With this knowledge imparted and the Wolf Gate evidently cut off from Azyr and the betrayer god, the great chieftain of the bird God and his warriors left the shadow of the mountain and the Wolf Clan without further conflict or compassion.


As Rein sat brooding alone, staring into the fire, he knew what must be done. His clan would grow to be great again, they would tame the beats of the mountain and hone their blades in the name of the Bloodwolf. Biding their time until once again the Wolf Gate opens and the betrayer makes his false claim of the realms. They would be waiting for him, teeth and claw...






I've always found painting to a deadline is the only way for me to actually finish a project, so to get me going my first deadline has been The Age Of Sigbrah @Andy Talbot event in February, Partners In Chaos.

Here's the list i'm looking take:


Aspiring Deathbringer

Blood Stoker

Blood Secrator



20 Chaos Marauders of Khorne

20 Blood Reavers

2 x 5 Skull  Reapers

5 Wrathmongers


So far i've got everything painted up except the characters which are primed and ready for me to start on.

For the blood reavers i wanted them to be the younger members of the clan, not quite bezerker but definitely impetuous. I used the starter set models but to make them fit my theme a bit more I sculpted necks and used Marauder Horsemen unhelmeted heads on all of them. I also removed as much of the overt chaos symbols/brandings as possible to humanize them a bit more.

I swapped out most of the weapons for more basic weapons from the Beastmen Gor kit.

20 x Blood Reavers



They are not in my list but i have also painted up 10 Chaos Warhounds using the fenrisian wolf kit straight out of the box.

10 Chaos Warhounds:



Not an original conversion but one that really suits my theme, for my Chaos Marauders i used the legs from Chaos warriors with the bodies and arms from Beastmen Gor. Rather than using chaos warrior heads as i've seen other use i went with the helmeted heads from the Marauder horsemen  kit as they are a bit more basic. I also used a variety of cloaks and green stuff to tie them further into the wolf theme. These are meant to represent the older warriors of the clan, not necessarily better than the reavers, but slightly more armoured, using shields rather than double weapons, generally having a bit more about them than the young warriors who just charge headlong in combat and most likely death.

20 Chaos Marauders:



For the wrathmongers i saw these guys as fully feral warriors, they gone over the edge their minds and being worshipers of Chaos (whether they realise it or not) this is no reflected in their bodies.  I used the Space Wolves Wulfen models but removed as anything Sci-fi and painted the chest/stomach armour as if it were heavily toned muscle.

10 x Wrathmongers



For my Skull reapers i wanted something that was on a similar page to the Wrathmongers but that little more human, they are Bezerkers but have at least held on to some aspect of their humanity. These guys were the biggest conversion of the army so far, they are made from Blood Warrior legs, Wrathmonger torsos, Savage Orcs weapons, arms, Wulfen heads and lots of bits from my bits box as well as a ton of Green Stuff. 


10 x Skull Reapers


Edited by Bueno
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Next up i have the Aspiring Deathbringer, Blood Stoke and Blood Secrator paint and then i will start on the next 1000pts to add for @Chris Tomlin event Tomorrow Burns in March.


I'm hoping to add:

Might Lord of Khorne

Lord of Khorne on Juggernaught

10 Blood Warriors

6 Skull Crushers

9 Skin Wolves

and a Khorgorath


Hopefully i'll keep this updated and it can give me the motivation to get that all finished in 2 months

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Bravo! These are great. I am particularly in love with your marauder conversions, might have to steal that for myself...

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thanks for the comments.


@Screwfacethose arms are actually part of the skull reaper torsos, its just the weapons i've used from the Savage Orc kit, you can use the hands also but i felt they were slightly too big.

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I actually registered on tga to "like" your fluff. excellent prose, well written and gripping stuff. you have talent. (don't hate me, but I play as stormcast...maybe Rein and his followers will be recast in sigamrite once they see the folly of their ways! ?)

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@Lezlorthanks that's awesome that it got you to register, glad someone made it through the wall of text.

funnily enough one of my next projects is some open helmeted stormcast using bearded space wolf heads, so could be a great tie in.

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So i've just finished the majority of the characters for the army.


First up is my Aspiring Deathbringer.


This guy is converted using the Exalted Deathbringer with spear (i just wanted the unhelmeted head for another conversion). The weapon was swapped for a Space wolf hammer and blood warrior axe.




Next up is the Bloodsecrator.

I used the priest/shaman from the warshrine kit as  base but swapped weapons and head. The banner is from the Minotaur kit with added space wolf pelt and greenstuff:




 Then the Bloodstoker, this guy is actually made from the starter set Bloodsecrator with head and arm swap.



Finally is the Mighty Lord of Khorne



Converted from the Slaughter Priest model that came free with White Dwarf:






Edited by Bueno
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Bueno, I've beek wracking my brain to try and work out alternatives for skullreapers as I think the existing models are god awful - would you mind if I rob your idea?  it would also tie in the skin wolves I intend to buy really nicely as well, as I'm trying to keep the theme of the army similar to my original Warriors

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17 minutes ago, Kaleb Daark said:

Bueno, I've beek wracking my brain to try and work out alternatives for skullreapers as I think the existing models are god awful - would you mind if I rob your idea?  it would also tie in the skin wolves I intend to buy really nicely as well, as I'm trying to keep the theme of the army similar to my original Warriors

Of course mate, no problem with that all, would be good to see your take on it.


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8 hours ago, Kaleb Daark said:

what's the size difference between the wolfen and the khorne farmers in armoured dungarees?

I'll try to get a comparison shot for you later, but they are both on 40mm bases and both use wildebeest heads of that helps you compare using the pics already up.


the wulfen are a bit shorter and less bulky but their leaping poses give them the same sort height as the reapers 

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A bit of topic here, but I've got some pics my Duardin themed free People army that I have just rebased. I've got them up for sale and wanted to get pics up on here before they go:








organ gun and mortarIMG_8568.JPG.278302eb3e1dbbac6f6946689ddc26f5.JPG


king on shield bearers



cav lord



Battle standard bearer, slayer, cogsmith snd rune lord



cav unit



24 x ironbreakers/long beards with HW/shieldIMG_8577.JPG.59db87e90b5c0a4d470108da11ef8877.JPG


30 x hammerers/ long beards with great weaponsIMG_8578.JPG.184a0c922755d66af6223c972ad79130.JPG


I'm about 75% finished a unit of 10 Bloowarriors and 50% finished on the 6 skull scrushers and lord on skull crusher for the Wolves of Ghur so hopefully will get a proper update up soon




Edited by Bueno
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O.o You've brought so many cool ideas to life here! Really well-rounded little throng here. Can't wait to see what's next.

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I've had a few questions in the gallery section asking how I made the Duardin Steamtank.

i thought I'd post it in here so I can include pics:


@Warboss Gorbolg @Thundercake @Dez @Double Misfire


Its actually made made using a cheap resin tank model from WW1 I think:




On top top is the Dwarf ship from dread fleet IMG_8581.PNG.273ca4d45f4dccdff49ca8fbc401e2a8.PNG

Obviously both have signifanct cutting and green stuffing. I then just added to it with lots of gyro copter bits and bits I had left over from an old empire commission.


sorry I didn't take any WIP photos (something I need to get better at)

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Thanks Guys,

hopeully will have some more pics very soon.


ive finished (bar snow basing) 10 converted blood warriors and am very close to finishing 6 juggers and a juggerlord, however my time has been sapped by the rediscovery of my PS4 and a copy of the Witcher 3...

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