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Hello from Ottawa


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My name is Dan and I play Warhammer. There I said it.

I was first into Warhammer when I was a child. I was so young when I first walked into a GW that a scared myself with all the pictures of daemons and stuff! A few years later when I was 10 or so an older friend introduced me to it and I bought my first WD, 110 I think so that would have been '89.

I stayed with it a while — getting more into WFRP than WFB. Then drifted away but still reading the novels. After Uni I tried getting back in with 5th and then 6th Ed but the barrier to entry just seemed too high. Then in 2013 a friend and I (he used to work at a GW store back when at Uni) decided to get Island of Blood and treat it as a small board game. Then I got into listening to podcasts and following Twitter that keep me fired up and inspired and lots of purchases later we roped and couple more friends in and got a small gaming group. Then AoS happened.

And we love it! Much more so than 8th.

And well that is my story.

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