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Do we know how Disciples of Tzeentch will play?


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I am curious with Disciples of Tzeentch going on pre-order this weekend and this being Tzaanuary in general, what do we know about this new army playstyle wise?  I am looking for another faction and they are a possibility because I like the general look of the models (still getting used to the weirdo daemons) and because I normally paint in a very muted, gritty style and I think it would be interesting to do a brightly colored army for something different.

From what we've seen so far, what sort of playstyle are they going to bring to the table do you think?  I'm not too concerned with it being uber-competitive, but want to gauge how they will play so I can see if it matches my playstyle preferences.

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I can make some guesses for arcanites.

Strong magic phase ?

Potentialy very fast

Probably weak, glasshammer units

Probably tricksy... change dice rolls, summon units you need where you need them, a lot of spells, probably tricksy formations etc..

Probably they do most of their killing outside of the combat phase

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Whether it's mortals, daemons, or somewhere in between, the four Chaos gods have always have distinctive patterns to their playstyles. Slaanesh is fast, lots of attacks, chances for big damage if you get lucky (rend spam and just lots of dice), but made of paper. Khorne has the most brutal attacks, usually with rerolls or bonuses, but is generally middling in speed and durability. Nurgle is slow, average damage, but super duper durable.

Tzeentch is always kinda in an odd spot. Fast and fragile, but slightly less so than Slaanesh. Combat is just as weak or weaker than Nurgle, but ranged damage output and effects are top tier. The most magic (and usually the best unless you're playing CSM in 40k), and a reliance on combos, tricks, and synergy.

Given that, I'd imagine Disciples of Tzeentch will have a focus on fragile units that all have some sort of trick or way to deal damage from a range. The current Tzaangor warscroll (from Silver Tower) is pretty average from a statline standpoint, but has some good special rules. The Warscrolls for the Skyfire and Shaman we saw during the stream made them seem fast and fragile (as Disc units have historically been), but with good shooting/magic.

So I'm expecting a full on finesse army, something that can do amazing if they can set up and execute, but falls apart if hit hard enough where weakest or outmaneuvered.

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