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Citadel Wyldwoods for non Sylvaneth factions

James McPherson


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uurrrrgh.  my head hurts thinking about this.  

So if you buy it in your army list instead of saving reinforcement points for it would you have any way to deploy it?  I would say no.  I can't see any rules that would allow this if you do not have the sylvaneth Allegiance.  

Would it break your Allegiance?? Yes I think so as it is on your roster.

What you need to be doing is bringing a unit that has the ability to summon one, then keeping reinforcement points spare to do so.  


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Yeah and that would break my pure faction allegiance by taking an Order wizard. So looks like I cant use it the way I want to. Pestilens have some formations that allow you to turn scenery into nests , so would have been perfect for that, and also to help screen off my foulrain plagueclaws.
Thanks man

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