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Slaves to Darkness -- what to buy next?


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Hey folks!

I'm new to AoS and super excited. In the past I've played 40k, Malifaux, Warmachine & Hordes, and Infinity. I've enjoyed all of those games but I realized I wanted something more narrative, something more laid-back, something that isn't about honing your tournament lists (I loved Warmachine but that game in particular is ALL about the competitive meta, and I honestly don't want a game to become 'work' like that one did. WM is probably the best competitive minis game in existence, and if I wanted to be testing my mettle constantly I'd be playing that). I want to play fun narrative campaigns and interesting battles. Everything I've seen in the General's Handbook so far seems to really point toward this style of play. I love the tone of it.

ANYWAY, enough introduction about me. I bought the Slaves to Darkness starter, and then I bought another box of Chaos Warriors, and then I bought a Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch because it's my favorite model in the entire line. I was thinking about going STD/Tzeentch, but honestly most of the Tzeentchian models don't do much for me, and neither do the new ones that I saw in White Dwarf this month.

However! Daemons of Nurgle and Nurgle Rotbringers have really caught my eye. Say I want to build an army that's a cross between Slaves to Darkness, Daemons of Nurgle, and Rotbringers--is this a dumb choice, from a competitive standpoint? I'm not interested in doing great at tournaments, but let's be honest, I'm assuming most of my games will be against competitive-minded people, so I'd rather not be roflstomped.

If I can cross my collection across these three sub-factions, what do you suggest are the next best purchases? Keep in mind that I'd love to use my Gaunt Summoner!

Things I am considering buying next:


-Chaos Warshrine

-Chaos Lord

-box of 3 Chaos Warriors (so I can round out what I have and have 3 units of 10)

-Chaos Spawn

-Chaos Chosen

-Demon Prince

-Cockatrice or some kind of monster (it was suggested in a Spiky Bits article about starting STD)

-Start Collecting Daemons of Nurgle

-Any of the Rotbringers line, because I love them


So, what are your suggestions? Is the above list good, or anything I should swap out, or consider? I'm buying based on what looks cool. I haven't read all the stats for all these models. I'm hoping to get feedback that the mishmash of models I think look cool are at least moderately playable.

Thanks folks!

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At this point, I would say find what models you like the most and purchase those. But if you're like me, you'll eventually want to scratch the competitive itch, hence us both being here to discuss list building. 

I've played against Nurgle and played some of my own Khorne-marked StD units. Slaves do a great job at offering mono-god units something they usually cant get, at least for Khorne (faster units like Knights, Marauders and Chariots), but I imagine they can do the same for Nurgle (harder hitting units, faster infantry, same cavalry as listed above). Nurgle is traditionally tanky, but unable to put out the hurt, so getting units that finish the job or improve their killyness is a plus when picking from the StD lists 

All in all, you got into this game to have fun and so did I. Lets not let the WAAC and Meta thought train tug us too far off the tracks.

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You can use the slaves lf darkness units to have any mark so painting them undivided could help with the synergies that the rotbringers have with nurgle keyword stuff.

The gaunt summoner works really well with daemons especially with a Realmgate and the ability to cast two spells a turn, potentially summoning three units a turn.  Having plague bearers to tie down a unit for the Knights or plague drones to manouver in to surround the unit to maximize the number of models in range to attack.  

The right mix of different chaos alliance units can cover a lot of different bases but narrowing down to a a set battle plan really helps a lot.  With what you have and how much you like nurgle I would recommend getting the nurgle daemons starter box, a rotbringers sorcerer, blight kings and the glotkin to give you 4 wizards and a healthy selection different units to try out.  Perhaps getting a Realmgate or make one for yourself and a balewind vortex to make the most of the gaunt summoner.

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18 minutes ago, Gorthor21 said:

 With what you have and how much you like nurgle I would recommend getting the nurgle daemons starter box, a rotbringers sorcerer, blight kings and the glotkin to give you 4 wizards and a healthy selection different units to try out.  Perhaps getting a Realmgate or make one for yourself and a balewind vortex to make the most of the gaunt summoner.

AWESOME! Thank you!

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i use StD with mark of nurgle in combination with putrid Blightkings and the harbinger of decay and the plaguetouched Warband Battalion from the everchosen Tome.

The Army gets a huge boost from the harbinger (5+ Nurgle Ward) plus the battalion (-1 to hit against the entire Battalion). It lacks a bit of damage output so i suggest the mounted lord of chaos and/or a daemon prince of nurgle 

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If you are looking at grabbing a monster I'd suggest taking a look at a Maggoth Lord.  They vary in goodness and all, but taking one wont mess up your Allegiance.  If you take a cockatrice (or other monster, or daemon prince) you won't get to have Blightkings as Battleline.  And eventually, Nurgle willing, we'll get some dope Allegiance abilities for staying true and faithful to Mortal Nurgle!

I really dig my BKs.  When using them, don't forget that if you use an ability to give a +1 to hit, then their specialy ability pops on a 5+.

+1 to grabbing a Harbinger.  The 5++ is great.  Even if you go with Glottkin, by taking a special character as your leader you don't get some of the Allegiance abilities so its worthwhile having one incase the Glottkin's Command Ability isn't worth dropping a magic weapon and extra general ability.  

I haven't used the Glottkin.  I've heard he's easier to kill then expected, so just be careful if you're fairly new to the game and get lulled into a false sense of domination with the big boys of Nurgle on the board.

Do look into the Plaguetouched Warband as well.  Especially if you're sticking with Nurgle Mortals as that -1 to hit is nice, especially if you've got that 5++ from the Harbinger.


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Speaking from experience - if you're planning on painting all of that, I'd try to bunch those purchases up rather then doing it all at once.  I'd set my sights on a 1k or 2k list, and figure that out.  I have like 6 armies and most of them are in various states of assembly and unplayable.  So just be careful going TOO crazy and ending up demotivating yourself.

Once AoS/GH hit I focused on one Allegiance at a time.  I first finished all of my Brayherd, then Warherd, now I'm moving onto Rotbringers.  This way you don't have hundreds of naked/inpieces models needing your attention. 

If you play unpainted and your group is usually up for free for alls, then rock it out!  I just hate seeing someone else do the 'BUY IT ALL NOW' and then have it sitting in the closet for years!

Otherwise, maybe make a 1k list of whatever Allegiance (or just whatever if you're not planning on worrying about Allegiance), and go from there.

For example, if you're sure you're doing Nurgle StD and Rotbringers (Nurgle Mortal), maybe focus on the Blightkings first.  A 1k list is like 4 units of 5 and a character or two, bam, done.  Easy to get painted and get rolling with a decently rough list.  Then, whenever you're ready to expand, Nurgle StD can slot right into that without breaking Allegiance.


That may be more worrying and fussing then you are interested in, but I just got back to AoS after a few months in the ether and I wanna be all helpful and stuff.


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Thanks, that does help. I have a huge infusion of cash from selling Magic (Jesus, and people call Warhammer expensive?!), and I want to BUY IT ALL. But I know I don't need it all. What I really need to do is play some games before I buy more, but that's not going to happen. I haven't started assembling my StD because I've been painting my Blood Bowl. AoS is merely on my radar but I'm super excited about it. I have no desire to own more than 1 or 2 Blood Bowl teams, but I want to flesh out everything with AoS, even though I don't know what's what, or what's good. Like, I literally just went through the Chaos Grand Alliance book and picked out these things to buy, in one dump, simply because I love the models. I don't know that I'm going to do this, but I certainly want to!


-Exalted Hero of Chaos

-Lord of Chaos on foot

-Chaos Spawn

-Chaos Warshrine



-Harbinger of Nurgle

-Gutrot Spume

-Lord of Plagues

-Rotbringers Sorcerer

-Putrid Blightkings x2

-SC Daemons of Nurgle

-Great Unclean One

-Herald of Nurgle


-Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch (I have the Silver Tower model already but I want the AoS one as well because I love BOTH of them).


I imagine this list of models probably looks ridiculous together. But I can't help it!

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