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Seraphon 1k list


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Hello all,

I am pretty new to AOS, and just starting to re-learn what my little lizards do in the new system. I am not quite sure on how the new strategy works just yet. I am still reading through the warscrolls. However, from what I gather, it seems units should be many men, and play better in larger lists.  The more the merrier. I am still trying to figure where my Spikes(Bastiladon(s) ) and other dinos fit in. 

In a couple weeks I will be playing in a escalation league, and I will be skipping the 500 pts,and moving right to the 1k. I think I want to start with a pretty basic list, but of course I am always open to advice.  Does this seem reasonable for an escalation league at 1k?

1 Saurus Old Blood

1 Unit of 30 Saurus Warriors 

1 Unit of 30 Saurus Warriors

1 Bastiladon


Thanks in advance.

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