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'Narrative Play' Space on TGA


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Really hoping one day to have a dedicated section on TGA for Narrative and Open play, I know Ben rightly wants to see how much uptake there is for it first so I have decided to use my HobbyHammer Section under Blogs for this purpose. So please, if you have anything relating to open play or narrative play, use this section to post in. 

I have found the General discussions and even the Alliance sections now are way to focused on Matched Play and I am not able to find the 'Diamonds in the Rough' anymore in terms of Narrative and Open "Play questions and discussions. 

Post about Battleplans, Multiplayer, list building in a narrative sense, ideas or good times had. Anything you like, just post under this sub section. 

Use the button up in the top right, (The follow button) if you want to keep up to date. Or just bookmark the page as your landing space when visiting TGA.

I really look forward to reading your posts.

Sean (HobbyHammer)

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5 minutes ago, Holy Hammer Hern said:

Some in the twitterers have asked for the Holy Havoc Team Event 2016 pack so I'll get the ball rolling.

The maps will give you an idea of the terrain size and amount needed for the scenarios. The terrain rules are important and do play a role in how the scenarios play. 




I read through these earlier, the maps look so good! and I love the layout. Cant wait to follow this event. 

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