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Orange Ironjawz WIP


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Hey all, new to the forums. Enjoying seeing everyone's models. Just thought I'd put up some pictures of the Ironjawz I'm working on (from the Maw-Krusha Box & Thunderfist Box).
Normally very slow at painting, but managed to complete the 3 Heroes and Giant over the holidays so far - except for the basing.  As I've just got the 10 Brutes & 3 Gore-Gruntas to go, I hope that this will actually be all finished soon.
I think I'll go for a patchy snow and dark earth base finish to provide some contrast to the orange, but planning to wait until the bulk of the models are done before doing it all together. Still, any suggestions are welcome.

1 Maw.jpg

2 Maw.jpg

3 Maw.jpg

4 Mega.jpg

5 Mega.jpg

6 Wierd.jpg

7 Giant.jpg

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Nice work man, I really like the colour scheme. Orange and white work together really well.

Though I feel the giant could use a bit more contrast with his skin--a wash in the recesses would break up the large areas of skin colour a bit.

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24 minutes ago, Orange said:

Nice work man, I really like the colour scheme. Orange and white work together really well.

Though I feel the giant could use a bit more contrast with his skin--a wash in the recesses would break up the large areas of skin colour a bit.

Thanks. And yeah, good comment, thanks for pointing that out. I'd had trouble with getting the contrast right on the Giant. Not very practiced at doing large areas of skin. But I'll try and revisit it and see if I can do a bit more with washes.

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Looking fantastic, welcome to destruction! We are happy to have you :)

I cant wait to see your models finished with basing. Only painting critique so far is to use a less reddish tone (Cadian Flesh?) on your giant's skin. Go for a more yellow - like Ungor Flesh then Kislev Flesh. It will separate better from the Orange on the pants and therefore make a much better and striking relationship on your model.

I LOOOOVE the white Maw Crusha with the orange armour. Fantastic choice man.

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Been working on the Giant's washes and flesh tone, following the suggestions above! I think it looks more promising, although I'm still having a torrid time trying to paint the large smooth areas of flesh.

I also picked up a Warchanter after a 1k Matched Play game at my local GW last night, just to give me another option at 1k, or to make some kind of 1500 point game.

Match itself was fun. Only my 5th game with Ironjawz and my 1st with them against anything except Sylvaneth. The Maw-krusha took out a vast swathe of Khorne Bloodbound, but I narrowly lost with the last Brute going down to his 5 remaining Blood Warriors and a Bloodsecrator (the ignominy of being finished off by a Blood Warrior rolling a 6 to save). Craziest moment had to be the Wierdnob with 1 wound remaining drinking 2 swigs of Battle Brew, then in combat rolling double 6 for his D3 wounds staff against a different unit of Blood Warriors. 

@coppo81 Thanks so much. After some trial and error on the Megaboss (foot), I came up with these steps to remind myself. Not sure it's the best or most efficient, but I like the effect and it has proved repeatable.

  1. Mechanicus Standard Grey Base
  2. Trollslayer Orange + Lahmian (approx. 3 coats - looking for good colour)
  3. Cassandora Yellow + Lahmian (2 coats)
  4. Reikland Fleshshade + Lahmian (1 coat + go over darkest recesses again)
  5. Nuln Oil (even darker recesses)
  6. Trollslayer Orange (edge)
  7. Fire Dragon Bright (edge)
  8. White Scar (hints)
  9. Fire Dragon Bright (re-touching edges or overly dark panels)
  10. Reikland Fleshshade (re-touching darkest recesses)

8 Giant.jpg

9 Warchanter.jpg

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Thanks! @Orange I try to avoid freehand wherever possible, but I might just try that at some point.

Started working on my Gore-gruntas & Warchanter as a batch this time. They're a bit rougher than my Ironjawz heroes at the same point, but I think it should all tidy up along the way. I do get a bit scared with how messy this all begins until the edge highlighting and re-touching is done though.

After the armour, I think I'll go for a white-grey boar look similar to the Maw-krusha.

1. trollslayer.jpg

With the larger panels of the Gore-gruntas, and less focus on each model, I think it took about 5-6 layers of Trollslayer Orange with increasing amounts of Lahmian Medium each time to get a decent depth of colour and avoid a streaky look.

2. cassandorawash.jpg

A couple of washes with Cassandora Yellow & Lahmian Medium later.

3. reiklandwash.jpg

After applying Reikland Fleshshade and Lahmian all over, then again with more focus on recesses and deeper panels of the armour.

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Just an update on my work in progress Gore-gruntas & Warchanter. Did most of the Warchanter yesterday as I split the batch after doing the early layers of orange. 


I was going to post the Gore-gruntas the other day, but then Morghot put up theirs, just wow!!

I still need to fix some things, plus obviously finish the bases.

Attachment-1 (10).jpeg

Attachment-1 (15).jpeg

10 Brutes to go before basing.

Then I'm going to work on a new Death Army I just started (building around Deathrattle, with a few skeletal themed extras - here's hoping for more Death Battletomes/releases & reboxing).

Cheers for your thoughts.



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I got the Brutes painted up fairly quickly over the weekend, relying on faster batch drybushing, with finishing touches yesterday. I might add some grass tufts to the bases yet. A few little things to tidy perhaps too.

I've based my entire Ironjawz force now as well, so I'll take some pictures of them soon.

Really enjoyed painting these! Great models.

Now I really want to think about a theme and story for them. Been particularly inspired by various posts, blogs, but also lots of Age of Sigmar narrative games on Warhammer TV.





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Thanks for everyone's comments, views, likes - been great to start this project here basically, and to get ideas from other threads. It's not complete perfection, but I think I'm calling this project finished and happy with for my games :) Here are some final shots.











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@Chris Tomlin Thanks mate, appreciate it!

Cheers, they don't know haha, you have a nice Gordrakk! @DeadlySarcasm The orange is a bit trial and error at times, but it's worked close enough for different units : )

Orange Armour:  Trollslayer Orange & Lahmian  x 3 layers / Cassandora Yellow & Lahmian x 2 layers / Reikland Fleshshade & Lahmian  x 2  layers / Nuln Oil (Darkest recesses) / Trollslayer Orange (Edge) / Fire Dragon Bright (Edge) / White Scar (Very finest edge) / Fire Dragon Bright (Go over / touch up white edge) / Reikland Fleshshade (Touch up & darken)

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