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New to the hobby - only 2 months!


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Hi All,


I just started painting AOS models about  2 months ago. I already have the following:

  • Khorne half of starter box
  • 50 bloodletters
  • 5 addtional blood warriors
  • FW daemon prince and herald
  • Skarbrand
  • 5 Skullreapers
  • 5 Wrathmongers
  • 1 Slaughterpriest
  • Valkia
  • Khorne lord on a Jugg


Looking to grow my army and my painting skills :)

some pics of my stuff attached









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Totally agree.  And thank you for the feedback

I think he, and the guy with dog (mighty lord) were the first two models I put together and painted. I'm sure you can see the mold lines where I screwed up gluing the pieces together :). My friend surprised me for my bday present with the Khorne half of the starter box but didn't give me the building instructions! haha

 I have updated some of these guys since I first painted them back in late october but I don't have photos. Regardless, I'm still pretty terrible and I'm working to educate myself on painting techniques online so any and all advice, as you mention with shading, is really appreciated. Thanks!

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