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AOS Tokens


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I've been making my own on 28mm bases.

I do shields for +1 to save, weapons for +1 to hit, weapons with blood for +1 to wound, skulls with a weapon for rerolls on failed hits and wounds (depends what the unit is), and a lantern for my lord castellans's ability.

Hope this helps :) I just figure that it's better to use the bits box than let it go to waste! 

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I use free printable tokens, two sets from here:


You punch them out with a 1" round hole punch from a hobby shop or eBay. Then put them on cheap 1" transparent epoxy stickers from eBay. Then glue the stickers inside 1" flattened bottle caps, also from eBay.

the result looks like this (not my pic and not AoS but same principle)


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I make most of mine, using bits, from scratch or (if you are lazy or in a hurry) painting bottle caps. I also took a trip to a haberdashery and bought some metal beads, work quite well and  fairly cheap (just clip off the loops for thread).



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