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D3 Damage, roll before or after save?




Till now if I passed the hit and wound roll for an attack I did the save roll and if it failed, I determined damage, but with the new rules FAQ this came:

Warscrolls Hints & Tips
(various publications),
Random Values
Change the last sentence of the last paragraph to:
‘When determining random damage in step four of the
attack sequence, generate the value for each successful
attack the weapon makes; the result is the damage for
that single successful attack. For example, a unit of
Ironjaw Brutes makes 5 successful attacks with their
Gore-choppas (Damage D3). This means you would roll
5D3 to determine the number of wounds inflicted by
the attacks.’


Does that mean I roll the D3 first and then do that many save rolls?


Thank you!


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