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New Battletome direction great for death?


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With the new Desciples of Tzeentch battletome covering Zteentch Daemons, Acolytes and Mortals this solves one of my big concerns I had with how much the had broken up the death faction.

If they took this direction with Death, what do you think they would bundle and what do you think they will keep solo? At the moment obviously FEC are solo, I could see soulblight and deathrattle having enough to be solo also. At the same time though, everything but soulblight / FEC could be shuffled around (death mages should probably be deleted, mortis engine made into nighthaunt) and combined into one book. 

I think it would be cool Mortarchs / Nagash were given more keywords to fit into something else also.

What would you guys like to see?

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I do think Death would follow the same suit since even FEC suffers the problems tzeentch went through well the whole of death does for your general you can have a vampire table, mordant table(ghouls) and a deathrattle table. Just like the tzeentch tome. 

The format for disciples of tzeentch I feel is perfect for Death because if you want the most out it right now you are going to have to pull things from various factions to get a decent army together. Fluff wise Death still fight the same as whfb. 

Honestly I feel this is the reason why Death have not been done yet because they are testing out the new format with tzeentch. Considering whenever there is a new release on facebook people keep banging on about new zombies I think GW are aware we want an update. I mean look at how many battletomes the other factions have compared to us also in terms of formations to be used in matched play we have like 1 if you are not running FEC.

I mean look at the necromancer his spell buffs zombies, skeletons and mordants. It's telling they are going to follow the same format. 

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