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Synthetic Brush Discussion


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There's a comment on this blog post that you might find of interest. http://danswargames.blogspot.ca/2015/05/is-warhammer-vegan.html?m=1

Just bumped on this. Thank you very much for your investigation on paints, very useful and interesting.

Concerning paint brushes, i've tested a lot of synthetic brushes durig 2015 and i must say most of the mare disapointing. Sometimes they are just not precise enough, but most of time the problem is that their pointing end is curving very quickly.

Yet, each time i complain about how annoying it can be, having studied a bit the animals used to make theses brushes, i never regret to stop buying their fur. These little beast do not deserve to be tortured just to save us money by not having to buy brushes too often.

But it is indeed a problem since nobody seems to be making really high quality synthetic brushes.

Of my investigations, at this time the best synthetic brushes i've found are:
1. http://www.raphael.fr/Kaerell-acryl-869_fiche_42.html
precise, and hold not too bad, or become useless not too fast. Size 4 is good for miniatures, equal too 0 in other ranges. i paint details likes eyes with it (you can check my blog here: http://unpaintedminis.canalblog.com/)

not bad either but tend too curve extremely fast

3. Prince August synthetic brushes.
I used to only paint with those but it felt like the quality decreased about one year ago. I may have been unlucky. I particularly liked the "longue de chat" which has a great shape to paint basecoats.

Hope it will help you give synthetic brushes a go. i won't lie it is not as comfortable as high quality natural hair, but you won't become a bad painter because of them, and it feels really good when you watch weasels holding hands while asleep ;)

I'm giving a go at the brushes mentionned aboe by Trumpkin right away thoug! Just ordered several of them.

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