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Who plays mixed wanderers+sylvaneth/high aelfs?


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I think there are a little too many awsome models in both the wanderer and the High elf department, so I'm going to splash some in my stormcast army! I really like the Phoenixes as tanks and rather cheap monster. With the "free" anointed, they effectively double their wound.
I'm thinking about adding teclis as well, since i would not mind a spellcaster anyway and his  3 spells = +3 save combo for the phoenix is pretty powerful. Mystic shield and Castellant ward is also pretty good at healing Paladins. Since my army is quite shooty his tempest storm i excellent as well.
I do not think the wanderers are as powerful as the high elves in general, but the forest theme is so beautiful i have to include a few:)

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I wanna test this list :

anointed flamespyre Phoenix  (280)

sorceress (80)

dragonlord (400)

jade mage (100)

witch hunter (60)

3x10 glade guard (360)

20 Phoenix guard (400)

10 dragon blades (320)

tot 2000

I'm not sure about command trait.. I think 6 or 3 (my dragonolord is general)

for artefact number 3

 I know you asked only wanderers hight elves and sylvaneth,anyway here i got synergies with dragonlord and dragon blades, with jade mage that makes my dragonlord tanky

after sorceress cast mistyc shild on annointed for 3+ armor save and phoenix guard is buffed from annointed ( no shock test if the big guy is within 8")

glade guard is strong battleline unit and they give shooting to this list

witch hunter help to destroy enemy big models :)

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