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Order 2000 tournament


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I wanna post an idea about an army for tournaments 2000 points

anointed flamespyre Phoenix  (280)

sorceress (80)

dragonlord (400)

jade mage (100)

witch hunter (60)

3x10 glade guard (360)

20 Phoenix guard (400)

10 dragon blades (320)

tot 2000

the idea is simple: 

-anointed ,Phoenix guard is a really tanky block + sorceress  for ms( she is only 80 points)

- dragonlord and dragon blades are my assault block and jade mage gives dragonlorg more sustain

I don't know if 1x10 dragon blades or 2x5 .. Because lances got 1" range

- 3x10 glade guard is my battleline ( and good alpha strike with ability to put rend)

- witch hunter??

yes it's only 60 points and I can try to kill single model mages or I can deal a little bit of damage to big mages like daddy nurgle or something :)


what at do you think?;)

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