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2000 point Duardin list help


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Hi guys,

This is the list I am currently finishing painting up, I do have most of the other dwarf units as well, any advice would be great! I am worried about mobility to claim objectives a bit, although I tried to address that. In addition... gyrocopter or gyrobomber? Is it legal to just take Kraggi like I am? Is the Quareller unit too powerful? I think it can kill Archaon in 1 turn if my math is right.


30 Quarellers: 

3 Runelords:

Warden King:

Unforged w/ Relic blade:

10 Warriors:

10 Warriors:

10 Longbeards:

1 Flame Cannon:

Grimm Burloksson:



Celestial Hurricanum: 

10x Miners w/ cart:


The Quarellers are the big hitter of the army with increased range from Burloksson, hitting on 3s w/ the Hurricanum, and possibly wounding on 3s if the Warden King is within range, and of course with rend -3 on each shot ;). The Gyrocopter/Bomber and the Miners will be on far away objective duty, but I am not sure they will be enough. In melee I only have 30 bodies, but the Warden King/Longbeards/Hurricanum will supply some buffs and the Unforged is a 1 man wrecking ball with 6 2 Damage attacks. The Hurricanum and Flame cannon supply additional long range firepower. 


Thoughts? Suggestions?

Some possible swaps I am considering, could be convinced on these or others:

-Flame Cannon - Unforged -Kraggi /  + Belegar + Cannon (worse ranged damage, but significantly buffs all warriors/longbeards)

-Flame Cannon - Unforged - Kraggi - Longbeards / +Warriors + 2x Cannon (more ranged damage, lose longbeards buff and unforged melee damage)


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