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Dwarfs @2500


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First try at this high a value. Looking for competitive build. Suggestions/opinions please. 


Dwarf Lord


Grim Burlockson

Ungrom Ironfist

2x10 Warriors

10 Longbeards

10 Hammerera

10 Quarrelers

20 Quarrelers

10 Miners

20 Ironbreakers

2 Flame Cannon

Steam Tank 

Throng Formation

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My feeling is that your little units will get smashed off too easily. I'd go with bigger units to take advantage of buffs. Duardin have some decent ones, particularly as you're using compendium stuff. 

Ungrim's Slayer King ability (+1 to hit and wound) combined with Thorgrim's High King ability (one extra attack each) is a potent combo. Hammerers would be 3 attacks each, hitting on 2s and wounding on 2s! Ouch! 

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Well I got two games in today.  One against Ironjawz and one against Seraphon.


Ironjawz was a blood bath on both sides.  Those 60 shots from the Quarrelers are a really good deterant for people wanting to come anywhere near them.  I had a pretty decisive win with him only having a warchanter and meganob (?) left.  I still had probably 17 Quarrelers, 10 Miners, 6 or 7 Hammerers, Runelord, Engineer and both Flame Cannons.

Seraphon player was smarter.  Well, that and had more ability to do what needed doing to soften me up.  He ran a monster list.  Double carno, steg, bastilidon and couple krox units.  Blasted the crew off of one machine turn 1.  Hit combat turn 1 but got hung up no my sacrifical warrior units.  I burned down the steg and a carno with shooting and then with buffs a plenty send the ironbreakers in to knock off the other carno.  Found ourselves grinding for the next 3 turns to what was probably going to be a very close game until he made a mistake and chose a combat wrong leaving his last fresh unit (rippers) to get mowed down by a buffed group of ironbreakers.  Hitting and wounding on 2's with rend 1 because of character buffs is pretty sweet.  Lord help if I could fit belegar in there to give them 3 attacks apiece.

So not a bad day.  Can't complain about 2 wins.  I'm curious if 30 handguns would've had the same performance as the quarrelers.  Mathhammer has never been my high suit.

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