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Question for Tablewar case users


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Hi folks, (posting this in a few different places/sites to try and find Tablewar owners)...

I recently ordered and received a (relatively pricey) large Tablewar case - it's their new design I think, where you can use your own locks as opposed to combo locks. The front is solid black (I chose that option to hide the contents when I carry it).

The case arrived a bit damaged - some big scratches on the back and a dent in the metal edging on the rear bottom. That was a bummer. They offered a small partial refund (didn't send yet...) and it doesn't hurt the functionality so I can live with it.

What I'm wondering about is the shelves and the unit trays you buy to nest in them. 

For example, for one shelf I got a few different trays, and they fit three across. The trays themselves need to be glued together I think (there's a metal layer, a plastic layer, and the base).

My question is do you guys glue those trays into the shelves? Because when I move the case around, even a little big of tipping it seems to risk all the shelves un-seating and shifting around, potentially badly damaging the models. There's no real way to "lock" the trays into the shelves. Or do you guys just seat them in the shelves and carry the case really carefully?

I really like the system (though it's heavy...) and want to make it work :)  I bought it for my growing Sylvaneth force actually.

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