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competitive beastmen list


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Looking to start a beastmen army, want to take them from whipping boys in the fluff to nasty propositions on the table. to do this I will take advantage of the warherd faction to provide the majority of my punch while using gors (who I feel are criminally underrated battleline units) to score on objectives. The 2000 point list is as follows:

  • Doombull (general)
    • great destroyer
    • axe and shield
  • Doombull
    • great axe
    • chaos runeblade
  • Malagor the dark omen
  • Great Bray shaman
    • crown of conquest
  • 3 Bullgors
    • great axes
  • 3 Bullgors
    • great axes
  • 3 Bullgors
    • great axes
  • 30 gors
    • shields
  • 10 gors
    • shields
  • 10 gors
    • shields
  • Jabberslythe
  • Ghorgon
  • Cockatrice
  • Battalions:
    • Bullgor stampede

While far from the strongest of factions, I think this list hopefully has plenty of punch from the warheard and other monsters, decent magic with the 2 wizards and there should be enough gors to hold objectives and in the case of the big unit stopping myself being overwhelmed by hordes, never played the army so while I'm optimistic id be open to comments and hints, the one element I'm unsure of is the cockatrice and whether the points could be better spent on more infantry (a unit of 20 ungors for example).


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Hi! I don't have much feedback for your list, but I have some field experience I figured I would share and maybe it will help inform your list choices.

I run a Warherd in a 1k army and wrote up a review (below) 

The Warherd is great at killing things, but it's terrible at dealing with any kind of ranged damage and does really badly when it's in more than one combat at a time, because the Minotaurs are so squishy, it's also really bad at handling armies that do damage out of phase (Blood Warriors, Wrathmongers, Ogre Fists)

In a 2k list to go along with a Bullgor Stampede, I would be looking for any kind of unit that was very fast, or is able to "deep strike" has the ability to take down weapon crews or otherwise able to screen a combat. At the very least, you want enough filler units to screen for full strength bullgor units, so you never charge more than one unit of Bullgors in at a time. It sounds counter-intuitive, but here's why. 

For example, let's say you have 2 opportunities to charge. 
On the left, you have a line of Ungor, with Minotaur unit B just behind them.
On the right, you have Minotaur unit A. 

  1. You charge with both, the ungor on the left and the Bullgor on the right. 
  2. Minotaur unit B can't charge because they can't terminate their charge distance within 1/2" because the Ungor are in the way. 
  3. Activate the bullgor on the right first, so they can get work done before they get hit. 
  4. Your opponent then activates and hits your Ungor unit before they can attack.
  5. You remove casualties from the Ungor unit, making a clearing for Bullgor Unit B to charge on your turn, full strength. 
  6. You hit back with the ungor, doing some damage. 
  7. Then your opponent hits Bullgor Unit A and kills 2 minotaurs. 
  8. During your turn, you charge with Bullgor unit B. 

In this scenario, cheap Ungor kept the Bullgor from being damaged before they could charge full strength. 
Your goal is to only ever be in combat with one of your Warherd units per turn, and you want them to be at full health. 

One more thing - always take Lord of War with a doombull general. :)


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The problem with the warhead is the low wound count army that you'll be fielding. cunning deceiver will help a lot against shooty armies. 

You may have some better results going all out with minos.

One unit with Shields as your tank

One with greatweapons for the rend 

One unit with two axes for damage.

The brayherd seems to have a lot more options...

I think one of beastmens major trump cards is the ungor Raider ambush Batallion, 30 ungor raiders and 10 warhounds coming on behind your opponents lines turn 1 is devastating, people can't ignore them.  

Beastmen are compendium so do be ashamed to field some Filth

Sayl the faithless for your ghorgon 

Vortex for your bray shaman 

Good luck 


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I would suggest dropping the junk (Cockatrice, the unit of 30 Gors down to 10 possibly some of the heroes) in order to pump up the size of the Bullgor units. 

The Jabber is actually a bargain, so you can keep that.

The General should have the Chaos Talisman (as his buff is vital - you need to keep him alive).

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Cheers guys, i'm new to chaos so will tinker with the list and try to trim some of the fat. anyone have any experience of the furious brayherd formation? Seems to make the gors and ungors work much harder and potentially makes the real combat units as well as chaff instead of just chaff. Could potentially fit that and the bullgor stampede in a 2000 point list and only have 4 drops too...

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