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Finally got my fantasy mojo back again! - hello from surrey

Kaleb Daark

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Hi All,

I've finally started to get my fantasy mojo back again! after walking away after 8th, I played the AoS starter box game and was less than impressed.

Then a month ago, i opened my army case and started to get broody,  so I thought I'd give it another try but with my own army.

Downloaded the warscrolls, walked into my local GW, and to my surprise I genuinely enjoyed the game :)  and now I back to thinking what can I do with themes and what's the story behind my army and all that good stuff.

Oddly, I was a right khorne head in 8th, actually going to a throne event with a full khorne cavalry army.  But somehow khorne Industries PLC is now a bit ... dunno... for me.  Which is a good thing as i've started to think a bit outside of the (my) box.

And in a funny kind of way, it's nice to be back.  

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thanks :)

Well, I played my chaos dwarfs, and I'm thinking of perhaps doing something with fimir and wierd monsters and some slaves to darkness - the theme being that they're all spite filled at being overlooked or losing favour with the chaos gods, and have banded together to do as much destruction as possible in order to win back that favour.  I always loved the fimir fluff, and I so hope that FW will release a campaign book with them in.

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