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Tales of Sigmar - Tale of Gamers - Month 5


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Sign ups can be found here.

Month 1 entrants can be found here.

Month 2 entrants can be found here.

Month 3 entrants can be found here.

Month 4 entrants can be found here.

Yet more awesome work in Month 4. Looking forward to seeing your progress over the next month and a bit.

Format of posts is completely up to you but a template as a recommendation of how it should be is as followed.

Army -

Month 3 Budget: £50 (+ whatever you had left last month)
Month 3 Spend:
Remaining Budget:

What with the Christmas holidays, the Deadline for Month 5 is January 1st 2017!

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Budget $100
Spent $300

Bought: Ironjaws Start Collecting
Ironjaws battleforce

So this will essentially take care of my purchases for the rest of this. I have my second start collecting and have pre ordered the battleforce. Now the real work begins of assembling and painting the start collecting box. Next month I will assume the battleforce.

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So I totally suck at this. I'll just try and get stuff done. I have an advent event to paint for, which I will find out what today. If I can also get my ardboyz finished and my warchanter, then that's an achievement for me and I will celebrate with forgeworld stuff. Also I have an arachnarok on the way around early Dec.

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Army - Destruction

Month 5 Budget: £69.75
Month 5 Spend: £13.75 Old box of savage orcs.

Total Spend: £13.75
Remaining Budget: £56

So month 4 sadly I spent my painting time painting stuff for the blood and glory event which took precedence over my destruction project, so going into month 5 I wanted something simple and easy to paint and savage orcs fit that perfectly, I was planning on doing a savage orc aka bonesplittas army at some point so they will get used. So the aim for month 5 is continue painting the ogors I got last month and paint the savage orcs.... fingers crossed. Though I will have £106 to play with for month 6 I'm thinkin beast claw raiders.

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