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Skaven 2000 tourney


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I wanna post an idea inspired by @Sneak 

tretch 100 

verm deceiver 320 (artifact 2)

engineer 100

warlord 100

2x10 clan rats 120

30 clanrats 180

30 stormvermin 420

3 stormfiends 300

verminus battalion 80

3x1 warp thrower weapon team 180

1 assassin ( artifact 2)

tot 2000

the idea is kill big hero with deceiver and assassin ( atm there are many big expensive hero in the meta) , stormvermin buffed by tretch are so dangerous , enjeener shild stormvermin and stormfiends support big units.

there is something in this list that I don t like.. Can u help to find the problem?:)



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I put an Assassin into Gutter Runners to kill heroes and come in on any board edge...but found Warplightning Cannons better.

That's what the problem is too, you have no range :) Sayl the Faithless can help you get past chaff and blocking units by giving an 18" Flying Movement to a unit. The Deceiver is also good at this (and really nice in 3 Places of Power). You need ranged punch though, I suggest WLC or Ratling Guns. 

Also, an Arch Warlock is IMO a better buy than an Engineer. It has 2 spells, 6 wounds and a 3+ save. Plus it's spell is pretty marvelous.

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