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Absolute Beginner

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Hi Everyone

I am a complete beginner to the world of miniatures but have always enjoyed the computer games in the Warhammer world. A mixture of the New Total War and seeing the awesome new models when I pass Games Workshop have got me really excited to give it a go. I'm starting small with Storm of Sigmar and a set of Paladins but wanted to know what you guys think will be essential to start painting. I have ordered the AoS essentials paints built after watching some Warhammer TV guides think ill need some more paints to have a good go at painting some models to a half decent standard. What else would you recommend I get? 

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Space i think is very important. A dedicated area where you can set up your stuff and really go to town. Even if its just a corner in your living room with a small table propped up against a wall or a whole room dedicated to the hobby I hole heatedly believe that you own personal space where you can shut out the rest of the world and concentrate and enjoy the hobby is essential.

I also really recommend having a look at the painting guides warhammer tv have been producing, They are invaluable.
Maybe even picking up a couple issues of white dwarf, they have a paint splatter section that teaches you how to paint certain techniques, what brushes and paints to use and how to use them. 

And of course dont be scared to ask for help, whether thats nipping into your local store or coming on here or any other groups to ask like minded individuals to share what they know!

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Watch the youtube videos on the warhammer TV channel. just watch them all, it's the technical instructions you're after, rather than the content 

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That's great thanks for the advice guys. In regard to what paints I will need to pick up. I want to paint SCE to begin with so was wondering what extra paint pots everyone else seems to use the most. Or which paints are quite versatile across different models just to save buying tons of different paints. I am getting the essentials set which has a pot of: 

Retributor Armour
Imperial Primer
Agrellan Earth
Kantor Blue
Reikland Fleshshade
Ceramite White, Base
Mournfang Brown
Averland Sunset
Khorne Red
Drakenhof Nightshade
Zandri Dust

Bugman’s Glow



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