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Hello all oh yes and Waaagghh!

Gorkamorka is scottish

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Hi there folks.
I'll soon be turning my hand to Ironjawz so thought i would jump on and seek advice and also just have general gab with fellow orruk enthusiasts.

I have been 'collecting' warhammer for probably the best part of 15 years an in all that time I have pretty much got F all to show for it.
My problem being I pick up bits and bobs, models and units I like with no cohesion. I paint them up/ convert them and they end up stuck in a box up the loft or at the back of a cupboard.

Over the past couple years I would say I have settled down and curbed my compulsions. 
I would say I've always preferred 40k but to me now it seems that 40k caters to the ultra competitive and that's never really been my thing.   

So that's where AoS comes in.
A little less competitive and being able to field whatever i have in my collection no matter how small or large.

I have settled on Ironjawz and with the new starter box out some time in December it seems like the perfect time.

At the very least my first purchase is going to be said starter box, at the most it will be the new one and the smaller one that's already available.
So that would be 10 brutes, warboss, weirdboy, 3 gore gruntas and a giant. At the most its 10 brutes, warboss, weirdboy, warchanter, 6 gore gruntas and ten ardboyz.

I haven't played games of warhammer that much in fact  the last game i had was ten years ago and it was lord of the rings. So the list i would build with this army is from a noob point of view whose only experience is trolling forums lol. So a gentle nudge in the right direction would be great full.

a unit of 10 brutes armed 8 with jagged gore-hackas, 1 with gore choppa and one boss with Klaw and smasha.
x2 3 gore gruntas armed with pig iron choppas
10 ardboyz with shields, drummer and standard bearer.
And the giant I'm not sure.
Stick the warboss and warchanter with the brutes and aim them at the enemys face.

What i would add to this list i dont know or how i would run it.

On a modeling point does anyone know if there are wolf models that would take the gore grunta riders? or bears? As far as i know GW dont make bear models so are there any third party models out there.

The idea i have behind my force is skaven trying to bend the orruks to their will to use as shock troops. All they succeed in doing is creating a mutated off shoot of orruk that has an intelligence and brutal cunning to put the twisted skaven to shame. 

I'm aiming for a sort of lord of the rings styled orc with these guys. Twisted and industrial looking. Either pale yellowish skin or a greeny grey.

So to cut this rambling mess short guys any help you could through my way would be highly appreciated

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Sorted out your double post for you

Gore gruntas are awesome models, but they're a little underwhelming on the table unfortunately. I have 6 of them, but I dont think I'll be using them very often in future games, unless I was to change things up.

It also depends mostly on what you want your army to look like, if you deffo want the pigs in there you need to bump that unit up to 6 for sure, 3 just don't cut it at 2k.

Welcome to da waaaagh ya git

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I am a big IJ fan and a recent convert as well. The biggest issue I have found with this army is not killing but holding objectives. You have no shooting so your units must move forward and make contact with the enemy to be effective. In most objective based scenarios you must keep the unit on the objective.

With this in mind I made my army with lots of Ard Boys. Most units with the 2 close combat weapons to act as a screen for my brutes. 2 of my squads are almost entirely equipped with shields. Their job is to sit on objectives and hold them. I've found this quite effective and have been very successful so far.

As far as gore Gruntas it is true they are not very effective but in my army they serve a purpose. They sit on the flanks and stay with the army. When the time is right they shoot forward around the flank to deal with artillery and squishy heroes and wizards. You must be careful with they though as they get tar pitted easily and do not have an amazing damage output vs heavy infantry or monsters.

As for the models i think they are really nice. If you wanted wolves you could try for the Thunderwolf Cav models from the space wolf range. Not sure they will be big enough though. If price is no object the FW is about to release Lemans Russ' wolves. They look fairly large though may still be too small. Finally try scibor miniatures. I know they have a druidic range that has bears in it. Not sure again if they would be big enough.

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Thanks for the reply's guys and thanks for sorting the double post.

Re guarding the gore gruntas if i make one strong unit of them would it be wiser to turn the brutes into two smaller groups with duel choppas?
Having trolled the internet i have seen that ard boys have a solid use within the army i.e survive-ability so i was thinking two solid blocks of twenty armed with shields, however i have read that even without shields these guys tend to stick around so I am tempted for two handers on them.

But like i said having an ultra competitive army isnt high on my priority's. Something that looks cool and i have fun playing is kinda what im after. Of course not getting my ****** handed to me every time i play (on the rare occasion i might get off the island to play)  would be a bonus.

So yeah with the great prices pf the starter kits it will kick off as a mono IJ list but over time im hoping to develop it into a destruction mix. Grots, ogres, beastrider the works.

And speaking of ogres would the morfang mounts fit the goregrunts riders?

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In my latest experience I have learned that Gore Gruntas are good for getting and holding objectives. So, one unit of 3 is fine. But if you are looking for a damage output unit, they aren't one. Brutes chop enemies to pieces.

Use a lot of Ardboyz. 

I would not mix too much with other destruction units but that is only my personal opinion. Ironjawz seem to work quite well without the other "lower" greenskinz. ;)

Just my 2 cents.


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lol lesser green skins i like that.

The fluff ideas i had for my force was either a nomadic group of 'monster hunters'. Greenskins that float around the ream of beasts looking for the biggest monsters to take down.

The other as I've mentioned is an industrial/steam punk looking force inspired by the lord of the rings orcs.

Both i feel would benefit, fluff and visually, from some warmachines i.e spear chukkas/doom diver/rock lobba/led beltcher or even that massive ogre cannon i cant remeber the name of lol.

Though i can appreciate what your saying i guess i'll just need to wait and see where my wallet takes me. 

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looks like I've inadvertently started a war of the clans! Aces! I think gorkamorca would be proud although i think he would be disspaointed in the use of the word aces....hmm

Just a quick question on modeling again guys. Do you think a crypt flayer head could pass as a slightly more 'human looking' orc head with some green stuff work, like a slightly stronger jaw, brow and tusks?

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